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If you want to get started with abt parcel service tracking, enter your order tracking code in the search section. The system will connect you with your order automatically within a few seconds.  

ABT Parcel Service

ABT parcel service was started back in 1921 in Pollachi town, Tamilnadu as a transport business. Initially, they were offering services through bullocks. But the vision of the founder Late. P . Nachimuthu Gounder was far greater that kept them going. 

The company grew leaps and bounds over the years and it started to be known as a transport company in 1931. It possesses 150 buses that were covering almost 110 routes around the region of Coimbatore. 

It was a family business that involves the members from immediate and extended families of the Chairman. The company kept diversifying its operations and started ABT parcel services later in 1964. All the people who were sitting at the top management have been experiencing multiple strategies to stimulate its growth in the industry. 

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With all of its efforts and hard work, ABT is successful in securing its position as the industry’s leading player.  The main reason behinds the company’s massive success is its innovative technology that blends well with the changing market trends. 

Why Choose ABT?

ABT owns an extensive route coverage that benefits the customers across the eight Indian states including Gujrat, Kerala, Goa, and Maharashtra. More than 350 containerized vehicles are owned by ABT that cover more than 500 stations and handle 6 lacs tonnes of goods yearly. 

There are warehouses in all the district headquarters of the company. The thing that makes the customers get attracted towards their services is their well-trained staff and the agent’s network having extensive experience in logistics handling. All these things collectively enable the company to offer reliable and fast services to its customers. 

abt parcel service tracking

Their computerized operations, TATA-trained technicians, and overall strategic management makes it stand out from the crowd. You can get the best facilities from them among all other service providers in the town. 

Services Offered By ABT

ABT owns a wide network of transportation and courier services. There are a number of the different vehicles they have deployed that are maneuvered by their highly trained staff who make all the transportation butter smooth. 

All their vans have a cell phone installed that adds ease to the accessibility at Bangalore, Chennai, and Coimbatore. Their unique services and best use of technology make the company one of its kind. 

The weighing machine that each of their delivery vans contains, provides users with the ability to get an idea of the parcels’ weight. In addition, customers have access to the order directly. They can easily connect to it through the internet shortly. 

Once you have booked to opt for their services, you need not worry anymore because the rest can be handled by their teams. Their local pickup and delivery vans are so quick that you’ll not go through the hassle of dropping and receiving your parcels. The door-to-door service they offer is incredible. 

Their Maruti vans are always under control and connected to the central hub. The trucks are also monitored and directed throughout the night to ensure their safe going. 

ABT parcel tracking

ABT runs delivery operations that are quite transparent and keeps its customer connected with every stage of the process throughout. The customers can track and trace the location of their consignments through the computers by visiting their website. 

The ABT tracking system was introduced to provide the users with a facility that eliminates the hassle of receiving and transporting goods. This makes the whole system seamless and reduces the number of complaints about delays and goods misplacements. 

How To Get Started With ABT Tracking?

Are you one of those who cannot wait for your goods to get transferred on time? If yes, then you need not worry anymore. The reason because abt courier tracking is here to eradicate your worries regarding your parcel’s delivery. 

When you confirm your order with ABT, you get a confirmation email after hitting the ‘confirm order’ tab. That email contains the order tracking number that is generated by the system against your order. 

All you need to do is to put that code in the search section when you visit their website. After that, you’ll be taken and connected directly to your consignment. Moreover, the company also has trucks and van tracking systems. Through which they track the cargo and keep an eye on the riders and ensure they deliver the packages to their destination on time. 

The tracking number is scanned and updates are entered into the system when the parcel reaches every single destination during the process.  This helps the customers know about which delivery step their goods are at. 

When you choose ABT, you can stay relaxed that you’re selecting the best of services in the country to get your goods transported.

Final Words

ABT is the name of the trust, efficiency, and quick delivery service. They have a strong and well-planned integration within their departments and employees. The company is doing the very right use of technology to come up with unique and innovative delivery solutions. This helps it to deliver the couriers in a smooth and sound way. 

You can always rely on them if you want to deliver any good anywhere all across the country. You’ll never regret choosing their service ever!

To track your consignment paste your order number in the search bar and you’re just a few steps away to reach there. The system will provide you with all the details relevant to your order. If you face any problem during the process, you can call on their toll-free number at  1800 425 2675 or 0422 4333666. 

The company’s customer support representatives are always there to assist you with your concerns. Or

You can also drop an email at [email protected] you’ll hear back from them within the next 24 hours. You can also visit their website to stay connected to them and to receive updates at http://www.abtparcelservice.com/