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Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve is an American conglomerate company which sells products through E-commerce products. This company came into existence in the 1970s and within no time became one of the largest mail-order catalogues which sold contraceptives without a medical channel.

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From the very start, their goal has been only one: to sell products with the highest quality and raising standards continuously within the American adult themed industry. Their company has progressed so much that recently Adam and Eve came out with an upscale specialty boutique that has served couples, men, and women with their products.

What makes Adam and Eve one a kind is their commitment to making normalizing a sex-positive society, where it encourages individuals to be their best self in a safe space, while using the best products to ensure the customers are always satisfied, making them always come back for even better products.


They have a huge variety of products to choose from and what’s great is that they deliver these products right to your doorstep so that you never have to leave the comfort of your home. Their products have a wide variety which caters to everyone: men, women and couples. This way, they make sure that everyone gets something while delivering excitement to bedrooms and normalizing sexual activity which guarantees ultimate comfort.

These products start from couples’ toys to lingerie to vibrators, while providing a great variety alongside an even better quality, thus making sure that you never have to look anywhere else to get products which are sure to daze you and your partner.

Adam and Eve aims to be a sex-positive company and assures that one does not need to resort to any other means to engage in pleasure, thus bringing all products to the users to be used with utmost care, protection, and safety.

These products also include personal lubricants and condoms. With so many products available, Adam and Eve make sure to make your pleasure a priority and is exactly the reason why they are America’s most trusted internet retailer, serving millions of people all around the world.  


Adam and Eve is one-of-a-kind website, dealing in the world of contraceptives and sex toys like no other brand in America, making them unique and exceptionally great. But that’s not all, what makes this business even better is its delivery service which is exceptional.

adam and eve tracking

Checking your Adam and eve order status is done in a jiffy simply by visiting their website. Their delivery service is quick, reliable, and convenient in every way possible, making sure you get all your products with minimal effort and maximum satisfaction.

Adam and Eve Tracking

Once you’ve decided what exactly is it that you want to order from their wide variety of all the goods available, you can track your order easily. This means that right after your order from Adam and Eve has been dispatched, you will receive an email soon after with your specific AWB number.

This number is used to track the package and find the real-time location and you can also check the Adam and eve order status easily. This makes the whole delivery procedure a lot smoother as you don’t need to worry excessively about getting your order at the right time, because you already have all the information available right at your fingertips.

Another method you can use to track your order is of checking the order status right from the Adam and Eve account section. This involves going to the My Account page and opening ‘My Orders’ to view the order status of all your Adam and Eve orders. In case you want to check the order status of any particular order, do so by clicking on the Order Number link which will tell you the exact location, status and estimated delivery time of your particular order.

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Today, in times of Covid when the world seemed to be at a halt, delivery services have been a huge savior and especially for businesses like Adam and Eve, one needs to always be sure to get the right product delivered at the right time, which is exactly what is promised and delivered, as can also be verified from their order tracking.

Contact information

Even though the delivery procedure of Adam and Eve is highly convenient without any hassle, there might be times when you face difficulties. But there’s no need to worry because you can always reach out to the right authorities through the following numbers and get your queries resolved.

Toll-Free Number: (800) 765-2326

Customer Service: (919) 644-1212 – International

For further assistance via email, you can reach out to the following email address

Adam And Eve Email: [email protected]

Alongside that, this is the office address of their corporate branch where you can go in case of any hassle or bump in your order.

Corporate Office Address:

Adam And Eve, 302 Meadowlands Dr, Hillsborough, North Carolina 27278, United States