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Overview of AO

The electrical store AO World is based in England. It specializes in home appliances and electrical components in the United Kingdom and Germany. The London Stock Exchange is where it is traded. You won’t be finding anyone who is more enthusiastic about technology and electronics than AO. Their online Electricals Store contains everything from cutting-edge smart technology and televisions to fully integrated washing machines, refrigerators, and ovens.

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The staff at AO is dedicated to making choices that will make your mothers delighted. That’s why AO has your backup from the minute you discover the TV of your desires to the minute it’s delivered to your door. The team will assist you in selecting the ideal laptop for a homework assignment, transport a TV for your current boxset binging, and maintain you updated on the status of your cooker while it is in the rear of their truck.

Nothing makes AO happier than delivering a brand new refrigerator to its new home. The problem is that old refrigerators are difficult to get rid of. That’s why the crew created their own recycling factory to take care of it safely.

They will remove your old equipment, smash it carefully in their ingenious machine, and reuse the parts that come out the other side. So you can be assured that you’ve tried your best, and they can absolutely guarantee that they’ve saved you a shopping trip!

AO Tracking

ao tracking

AO Delivery Tracking is one of the easiest procedures to be accomplished. They take great pride in their tracking and delivery system and provide each leaving customer with an AO tracking number. Using this tracking number you can easily complete the AO courier tracking process.

All you would have to do is go on their website, and visit the Tracking tab, where you will be asked to login with your order number and postcode, which is an essential step in the AO order tracking process. Once you have filled in the details, you will receive timely updates about your shipment, where it has reached and by what time and date will it reach your doorstep safely and securely as per the AO Promise.

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Contact Details

You can use the AO My Account option to get in touch with the team at AO World. All you would have to do is simply create an account with the same email you used for your order placement, and you’re done! Fill in all the details and a customer representative will get in touch with you sooner than you had imagined! They also have a Live Chat option for customers on the go, who want to enquire about a product before placing an order.  

You can call AO at:

To place an order, call 0161 470 1100. For anything else call 0161 470 1200.


8am-8pm Monday-Friday and 8am-6pm at Weekends.