Aritzia Order Tracking – Check Shipping Status

To track and trace your order, paste your Aritzia order tracking in the search section. The system will connect you to your order within a few seconds. 

What is Aritzia?

Aritzia is a leading fashion boutique that was founded back in 1984 in Vancouver. The idea was to offer stylish clothes along with offering exceptional services. Soon people get used to it and appreciated the utilities the brand was offering to its customers. 

The fashion brand has grown leaps and bounds since then. It now has branches in selective cities of North America counting San Francisco and New York as well. The brand’s targeted market includes women of 14-30 age. Its wide collection of attires and accessories captures the attention of a large audience. 

Unique Selling Point of Aritzia

The thing that makes Aritzia stand out from the crowd is that it develops its own brands. With their extremely talented and creative teams, they always come up with something exceptional and aesthetic. Their clothing and apparel are considered as one of their own kind. 

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With the craze and love of art that runs deep in Aritzia, you’ll find the prints of an artistic taste in everything linked to them. Be it the interior of their shops, the shopping bags, and the designs of clothes as well. 


At Aritzia, you get multiple services such as free shipping of your orders if you place an order over a certain amount of price. The brand cares about its loyal customer. It ensures you serve you responsibly and in a responsive way. 

You can enjoy a number of perks on making special orders. Now you must be thinking what is a special order? Well, the special orders are the orders placed in advance for the items that have not been arrived or launched. 

aritzia order tracking

Once the stock arrives, the products are sent to you immediately. For special orders, you can pay by cash on delivery. However, Apple pay, Afterpay, and PayPal aren’t supported for special orders. 

Moreover, if you use your Aritzia gift cards for the payment, the amount will be deducted from it. But if the items cost more than the balance you have on the gift card, the extra amount will be collected from your credit card after your order is delivered. 

You get an estimated date of delivery when you checkout. But they deliver before the estimated day in most cases. 

Shipping options at Aritzia

The brand offers multiple shipping options to accommodate its customers well. In standard shipping options, you get free delivery if you place orders worth more than $100. In case of express delivery, your items will be delivered free of cost above $250 orders. 

The parcels get delivered within the USA for 2 to 7 days. Whereas, outside the US, it can take 8-18 business days for the deliveries to come. Moreover, you have the option of shipping one address per order. So, if you want your items to be shipped at multiple locations, place the order for each separately. 

Refused Shipment Policies

If your item arrives in a damaged or condition or in an inappropriate way, you are suggested to call Aritzia at once. If you refuse to take the order without informing them, then you’ll have to bear all the shipment and duty taxes. 

Aritzia Order Tracking

Are you one of those who get excited and can’t wait for long for their order to arrive? If yes then Aritzia has come up with the solution to help you overcome this impatience. Through their order tracking system, you’ll stay connected to your products until they arrive at your doorstep. 

This eliminates the hassle of waiting long for your orders to come. In many cases, people miss out on the receiving of their orders because of their busy day-to-day schedules. The parcels go back and then there comes another period of waiting.  

Aritzia shipping is the service that provides you with insight into the delivery stage your order is in. It has efficient and well-integrated technologies that are complemented with its well-trained and efficient staff that ensure everything works smoothly. 

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You can easily plan your order receiving with the help of the tracking and estimated delivery time. There’s very little chance of you skipping any order and dragging it till a lot more days to come. 

Get started with tracking

After you check out placing your order, You’ll get an email from Aritzia in which you’ll get a tracking code. That’s the code that you can use to fetch all the details relevant to your order. With this transparent delivery process, you get the real-time update of your parcels. 

In short, Aritzia ensures to accommodate their customers in every way possible to let them enjoy the most pleasant delivery and shopping experience. From placing an order to receiving your deliveries, the whole process is butter smooth. 

Final Words

When choosing Aritzia, stay at ease knowing that you’re not just choosing a brand but a unique style statement for yourself. You get the freedom to complement your fashion and aesthetic sense with the unique and alluring designs and patterns the brand offers. They have a strong integration and well-managed system overall that is merged to provide amazing experiences to their customers. 

In addition, after the order placement, the efficient and quick delivery services will make you go wow. Like there’s no hassle for you to bear when dealing with Aritzia. 

To know the exact current location of your parcel, put your tracking code in the search bar. It will take a few seconds to make your connection with your items. If you face any issues in tracking, call their concierge team at 1-855-ARITZIA- (274-8942). 

The team is always there to entertain you with your queries during the week from 6 AM to 100 PM, and on Sunday from 7 AM to 10 PM. 

You can also drop an email to them at service You’ll get a response within the next 48 hours ideally. 

North America 

1-855-ARITZIA (274-8942).

[email protected]