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Overview of Asurion

Are you someone whose heart lies in their gadgets? Are you planning an outdoor vacation after the restrictions on covid-19 have been relaxed? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should know that your phone is precious to you but at the same time it is at the risk of breaking down.

Asurion, a tech care company, provides insurance, installation, replacement, repair, and 24/7 service for all kinds of gadgets ranging from phones to laptops to home appliances. Services can be availed online, at store, or at the comfort of your home.

Moreover, it provides mobile protection in case of any unforeseeable circumstances your phone gets damaged or lost. They provide repair and replacement services through various protection plans and repair services that they have.  


Asurion’s mission is to provide solution to their customers’ technological problems so that they can be worry-free if things go a bit south. Their purpose is to repair the device no matter what kind of device it is or what platform it is. They want to make their customers life easier by enabling you to protect, connect, and enjoy your gadgets.

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Asurion is determined on fulfilling their mission along with their team to deliver excellent service to provide their customers with the satisfaction they need.

Protection Plans

As time passes by, we are getting more and more dependent on our technology. As you open Asurion’s website you will see a tab of protection plans. The first protection plan is for your phone. In today’s day and age dependence on phones have increased, whether it is for using maps, camera, or even a mere calendar, so, dropping and breaking the phone or spilling something on it is a normal phenomenon too.

With Asurion’s protection plan for your phone you can get a repair if you have cracked your screen by dropping it from a significant height, fixes for any kind of defects or software failure, protection if your phone gets lost or stolen, coverage in case water has damaged your phone, and unlimited battery replacement.

With Asurion+ you can get a protection plan for your technology at home. No matter the brand you got your television or laptop from, in case of breakage or spilling, the company will provide you coverage or repairing to give you an ultimate peace of mind.  

Repair Services

To access the list of gadgets and phone brands that Asurion provides recovery against, go to their website and there you will be able to access a tab by the name of repair services. It consists of the entire range of gadgets you can get repair services for, from iPhone, Samsung galaxy, Google Pixel, laptops, to home appliances, almost everything is covered.

Filing the claim online

To file your claim online you will need to provide a few things: your carrier, make and model of your device, detailed description of the incident that caused the damage, your billing and shipping address, and a method of payment to pay for the charges.

asurion track shipment

After you have provided all the necessary details, you will receive an email that will consist of information regarding your shipping and tracking of the replacement device.


Since life now a days is dependent on phones and other gadgets, staying a few days without it seems next to impossible. You will have the curiosity to know when your replaceable device will reach you. To kill that curiosity the firm provides you with Asurion shipping tracking services via email at the time of billing.

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Using that tracking information, you can check when the replacement device will reach your home. It will tell you the date, day, and time you should expect your device so, that you do not have to worry about the delivery date, and you stay available when it is expected to reach you.

Asurion track shipment

You can not only track the date, day, and time of the replacement parcel reaching your house, but you can also track it through Asurion’s track your claim. Asurion shipping tracking can be done using the same tracking information you got via email at the time of billing. Using that information, you can see where your package is at that moment.

Asurion Order Status

Tracking your claim gives you the option to see where your package is. The package containing your replacement device can be still with the company, or with the delivery company, or on its way to your home. You can get all these details using Asurion track shipping facility.

This is very helpful as it gives you the control of the shipment and delivery process with complete transparency. This will keep you relaxed as you will know that your package is not misplaced and in case of delays you will also get to know the reason behind it.

Cancel your claim

In case if you reported your lost phone and then realized that you left it somewhere and have now found it then the replacement device is of no use to you. In that case, you will want to cancel your claim. You can cancel your claim using your claim ID or the wireless number that is with your device.

Canceling a claim depends on the terms and conditions of your claim. While some might allow you to cancel others might not so, you need to check the policies before your purchase. You can get specific details about cancellation by thoroughly reading and going through the policies.

Contact Support

You can contact Asurion via the carrier you have opted for your claim. To get your carrier related questions answered you can contact on the below mentioned numbers:







To call for support you can go to their website’s contact us page, select the carrier or retailer on the call for support tab, and you’ll find an entire list to choose from. Once you have chosen the carrier or retailer, you will get the relevant number written where you can call to resolve your query and get assistance.