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Contact Athleta

If you have any query regarding your order, you can reach out on the following number, 7 days a week.

877-3ATHLETA (877-328-4538)


Athleta, which is primarily a brand introduced by Gap, aims to bring girls and women activewear outfits to the market in reasonable rates. The products bring together excellent performance and technical features and are sure to make you want to exercise a lot more, whether its running, jogging, swimming or even hiking, Athleta has it all.

Recently, athletic outfits or active wear has gained a lot of hype, simply because during covid everyone made fitness their priority, and thus, stores like Athleta have risen to the top owing to their commitment to customers and top-notch quality.


Athleta promotes a mission where a community of young girls and women is created who are active, healthy, and confident with their bodies and their personalities. It further aims to empower those women to reach their true potential with nothing holding them back from true success.

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This mission and their will to reach to so many people are exactly what has paved a way for success for Athleta and is one of the top reasons that they have more than 200 stores in the United States and Canada.


Since Athleta is a brand which promotes all kinds of active wear, it comes with a product line which is not only highly varied but also extremely on-trend and cool. The products which are usually sold, include tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, swimwear, sleep wear, accessories, and masks, all of which are highly important and necessary.

As you might have noticed some of these fields might not have had any connection to active wear, but as Athleta’s mission goes, they want to empower women, and this is done not only by amazing activewear outfits but also other varieties of clothes, which are easily available and accessible to sports enthusiasts by Athleta.

athleta order status

Alongside that, Athleta also brings forward many new campaigns, all of which are done to promote inclusivity, diversity, and feminism, making sure that women know their worth and never stop aiming for better opportunities.

Athleta Order Tracking

With brands like Athleta, who have a large following and continuously aim to reach people all over the world, delivery is one thing that is extremely necessary and having an active delivery service is equivalent to having a good customer service.

 Thus, Athleta not only brings you efficient delivery, but also promotes a tracking service through which you can see your order is in what part of the delivery process and easily see the estimated delivery time. The Athleta Order Tracking service is one of its kind with the cheapest rates and many options for deliveries.

Athleta Order Status

The procedure to check Athleta Order Status is increasingly simple. First and foremost, you need to click ‘orders and returns’ on the website, and you can also find it in the top right corner of the website right above the checkout option.

 After you have clicked the orders and returns button, you will be able to see the details of that order. To further elaborate, you will be able to see the name, billing address, where the order was shipped, and the items included in the order details.

You will also receive information for the shipping summary which further includes the shipping carrier used and a tracking number. You can use that tracking number to trace your courier, shipping status and estimated delivery time, making the whole process a lot smoother and easier with minimal hassle and a lot more organization.

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This whole process barely takes about a minute and is very useful in telling you about where your Athleta order is currently, proving to be extremely transparent and a lot more convenient. It is also important to remember that Athleta’s team tries to process your order instantly, however if it does not reach you by the given timeframe you need to contact their team for further assistance.

Alongside that, often higher demands lead to a lesser supply, which means it takes a higher time to process your order and deliver it. In this case, you will be notified instantly through email.

Contact Details

In case of any query or assistance, Athleta’s team is more than happy to cater to your needs which is why they are always a call or a text away. Not only that, but their team is also always happy to receive feedback from the fellow clients and answer any questions that you might have.

 For immediate concerns, there are several options on the website to guide you. If you still have any query, you can reach out on the following number, 7 days a week.

877-3ATHLETA (877-328-4538)

If your order is being shipped outside US, you can reach out on the following number:


Alongside that, if you’re someone with any impairment, you can reach out at 711 for relay services.