Austrian Post Tracking | Check Shipment Status

You can find out the status of your order by entering the Austrian Post tracking number above and you can get all the needed details.

Overview of Austrian Post

Austrian post is a logistical as well as a postal service located to serve the people of Austria. Its main purpose is to transport and take care of the delivery of parcels, letters, as well as print media.

All the customers of Austrian post get high quality services related to telecommunication and parcel delivery if they use Austrian post. There are around 12 subsidiaries of Austrian Post in Europe that take care of the parcel delivery as well as telecommunications need of the customers living in the country.

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For the urgent delivery needs of customers, locally as well as internationally, Austrian post has Post Express service that promises next day delivery by 1 pm locally. For international deliveries, it makes sure that the parcels are sent quickly while also providing quality service to customers.

For the convenience of customers, Austrian post takes all the orders of parcel and mail delivery online. This prevents the customers from the hassle of going out of the comfort of their home and get the services they want by just a few clicks using their fingers. Austrian post service can not only be used by individuals but also by businesses.

Austrian Post Tracking

Have you placed an order by the Austrian Post to get a letter that has sentimental value to be delivered to you loved one? If your answer to the previous question is yes, then you might also want to know when your letter will be delivered.

Austrian post’s main priority is to serve its customers in a way that they do not have to stress about their deliveries. Keeping the satisfaction and peace of customers in mind, post AT tracking came up with Austrian post registered tracking through which customers can track each and every move of their parcel or letter.

austrian post tracking

Customers will be required to write their tracking number provided to them at the time of placing their delivery in the text box under the ‘track’ tab on their website and a plethora of information regarding their order will be right in front of them.

This information includes the tentative date and time of delivery. This prevents the customers from unnecessarily waiting for their parcels. Moreover, recipients can make themselves available to receive the parcel at the tentative time of delivery.

Through Austrian Post tracking customers can also get to know their order history. This order history consists of a detailed itinerary of your order. You can get o know the current location of your order. Moreover, you can also see the date and time at which your package was at different locations.

Furthermore, you are also informed beforehand in case your delivery is running late. In this way you do not have to worry about your parcel going missing. Through the tracking facility you get the peace that your parcel is in safe hands and will be delivered shortly.

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The entire tracking facility provides customers with transparency as nothing is hidden from them. It also gives customers control over the entire delivery system as they can monitor each and every step of the delivery.

Customer Service

AT post tracking not only provides timely and good quality service to its customers, but also a customer service to facilitate the queries and worries of customers at any time. Customers can use the following information to get answer to any of their queries and their team will get back to you shortly. Austrian post contact will help customers to contact the service team any time when they needed.

Monday to Friday: 7 am to 7 pm

Saturday: 8 am to 1 pm


+43 800 010 100