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Are you a Boohoo customer looking for boohoo track order service? Great! put your tracking number above and know about your shipment. If you face any hurdle in tracking here please visit the official site of boohoo here. From here you will be sent to next page for parcel status.

Customer Service of Boohoo

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Boohoo Company

Boohoo is a United Kingdom based fast fashion retail company that targets people from the age of 16 to the age of 30 as they are the tech savvy people who are more inclined towards online shopping. Boohoo is known for acquiring struggling brands like Coast, Warehouse, Oasis, and Karen Millen, preventing such brands from shutting down.

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Boohoo actively used social media to market their products gaining the attention of their target market and becoming popular amongst them. Moreover, their aim to make their brand more inclusive and innovative also contributed towards their popularity.

Mission of Boohoo

Boohoo aims to become the market leaders in the fashion e-commerce industry. They want to deliver outstanding customer services, latest fashion at affordable prices, and maintain customer proposition by providing value to its clients.

Shipping Strategy

To become the greatest global e-commerce leaders, Boohoo has planned investments in their technology, infrastructure, and systems. They need to follow their strategy to grow and secure their place in the online world.

With the continuous advancements in technology, Boohoo aims to continuously evaluate their strategy and improve it further for customer satisfaction and retention that will help them become the leaders in the fashion industry.


As you arrive on their main page you will see an option for women and the other for men. On women’s tabs the categories include clothing, dresses, tops, autumn, shoes & accessories, occasion wear, shop by fit, and beauty. In the men’s section, the categories are tops, active wear, going out, shoes & accessories, plus & tall.

Their shop by fit in women is for plus size & curve, petite, tall, and maternity. Unlike other brands Boohoo has a plethora of options in these categories making it an inclusive brand that facilitates all types of women. It is a one stop shop where you can buy everything no matter your size.

In the men’s section there is also a large variety of products in the plus & tall section for plus size and tall men making the store inclusive not only for women but also for men, which is a rare occurrence.

Boohoo is known to cater everyone no matter the event or size. It has subcategories within the categories so that you can easily look for the section you wish to shop from.

Relations In E-Commerce

In today’s modern era, people are highly influenced by social media bloggers and celebrities. Boohoo tried to stay on top of their social media game by collaborating with several social media influencers and celebrities catching the eye of many of their followers and fans.

To generate more traffic on their page, Boohoo collaborated with an influencer who was a contestant at Love Island- Maura Higgins which drove a lot of Love Island fans to their page and made them their permanent customers.

To promote Boohoo Man, Boohoo collaborated with Jake Paul for their active wear and fitness attire. The campaign was launched right before Jake Paul’s fight and his entire fight was centered around Boohoo Man due to which Boohoo gained a lot of popularity amongst Jake’s young followers.

Another Boohoo Man collaboration was with an American rapper DaBaby which included track sets, jersey staples, and T-shirts which promoted comfort along with creativity and colorful style.


With such a huge customer base it is difficult to facilitate everyone through physical outlets. Also, as the time progresses people are now more inclined towards online shopping as it prevents their hassle. So, to facilitate a large audience, it is important to have an efficient delivery system.

boohoo track order

If you are excited to wear a dress at some party and the day is nearing, you would want to be able to get your ordered to be delivered to you and that too in the right condition without any mishap. With Boohoo you do not have to worry because the brand is known to be very particular about their delivery system.

With the Boohoo order tracking system, along with the Boohoo order status display, your life becomes easier and your faith in online shopping is restored due to this reliable brand.

Track My Boohoo Order

Remember the dress you wanted to wear at that weekend party? To get to know when you will receive the order you placed with Boohoo, they give a tracking number at the time of checkout after billing along with your payment details and address.

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You can go to the Boohoo track my order tab on their website, enter your Boohoo order tracking number, and within seconds you will get to know when your order will be delivered to you.

Boohoo Order Status

You can not only track the time you will receive your order, but you can also check your order status. It will give you the details regarding the step of delivery cycle your order is in at that moment. It will tell you whether it is in the warehouse, has been shipped, or is with the delivery company.

This is extremely helpful as it gives you the control of the delivery process. It helps Boohoo maintain customers and get value from customers when they are satisfied with Boohoo’s services.


Boohoo has a very catchy website that keeps you surfing for long hours and not leaving without spending. To make you eager to spend, Boohoo also has promotion codes and coupons through which you get discounts on your order.

Moreover, you can also get free shipping on your order by using coupons. Boohoo has promotional offers going on every now and then based on months or any upcoming event.

Customer Services

To get in touch with Boohoo, you can go to their FAQs page where you can directly chat with their virtual agent, Layla. She will answer all your questions regarding delivery or returns. It is likely that you have questions other than what is mentioned on their website.

The live chat with the agent will give you instant answers and you will not have to wait for hours to get a response. You can also contact Boohoo on the following addresses in USA and UK: UK Limited
49/51 Dale Street

Manchester, England M1 2HF
United Kingdom USA, Inc
8431 Melrose Pl

Los Angeles, CA 90069-5312
United States

Manchester (HQ) United Kingdom. 49-51 Dale St.

New York, NY. United States. 530 7th Ave.

San Francisco, CA. United States. 250 Brannan St, San Francisco.

Paris. France.

Berlin. Germany.

Saint Helier. Jersey. 12 Castle St.