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Do you want to know whats are the updates on your parcel? Enter Bulgarian Post tracking number to check the status.

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Bulgarian Post

14th of May 1979. Following the Turkish Russian War (1877-1879), the Transitional Russian Government transfers all postal as well as telegraph offices, and also their infrastructure and equipment, to Bulgarian authority. 1st of July 1979. Bulgaria joins the Universal Postal Union (UPU). On October 9, 1880, official international relations between Bulgarian missions began. 31st of March 1997 Bulgarian Posts Ltd. is converted into a combined stock company with a government capital stake of more than 50%. 2005. Bulgarian Posts PLC has been added to the list of enterprises with more over 50% state stake in capital that are forbidden from being privatized as a result of a modification to the Privatized and Post privatization Standards Act.

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Just the region of State of Bulgaria is served by Bulgarian Posts Plc, which offers public transport of goods. perishable goods, and live animals are not transported by the company. Bulgarian post service allows from 9:00 a.m. until 14:00 p.m. Other time windows may be available if possible. It offers delivery of non-palletized material stuffed into bags or packages but making sure each weighing no more than 20 kg; Palletized cargo must be transported in the following circumstances: Pallets are 0.80 m wide, 12.2 m long, and 1.20 m tall. Cargo weights of up to 450 kilo grams and heights of up till 1,50 m are allowed.

You will have to proceed through a customs clearance protocol if you are going to get a foreign postage item including commodities from nations outside EU, regardless of you purchased it online or received it as a present from a friend. They will assist you in submitting the required forms and paperwork, as well as paying the applicable costs that is required.

Open packages are permitted so that the material can be inspected. When foreign packages are approved, all regulatory criteria for custom inspection and clearance, along with all standards for forbidden products and things allowed provisionally, are met. Foreign postal goods are subject to customs inspection and clearance in compliance with the Central Excise act and its implementing rules.

Bulgaria Post Tracking

Bulgaria’s postal tracking program is the most advanced in Europe. You can check the position or progress of the mail delivered via the company’s official webpage. To do the Bulgarian postal service tracking. Enter the Bulgarian post tracking number on the official website of the Bulgaria Post.

bulgarian post tracking

 You need to insert the Bulgarian post tracking number in a specific box in the “Tracking for a consignment” (“Delivery tracking”) section. This number is comprised of 13 characters, including two letters at the start and end, as well as nine numbers and you’ll have complete knowledge on the location and status of your package. If the package has already been collected, the information provided will show it as well.

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