Can I Mail A Letter At The UPS Store?

Who doesn’t want to save some time instead of waiting for UPS to pickup your package on a specified date? Frustrating, isn’t it? 

Have you ever wondered if you can buy stuff, and get it shipped to the UPS store or FedEx office straight from eBay, Amazon, or whatever place for pickup?

Yes, that’s possible.

In this blog post, we’re going to cover all 3 possible ways to mail a letter at the UPS store so, you don’t have to. 

Keep reading, it will be interesting. Plus, it is completely jargon free!

What Exactly Are UPS Stores? – UPS vs. UPS Store Difference

UPS and “UPS Store” are two different things. Confusing, isn’t it? 

Normally, to an average customer only UPS “store” is a big ass warehouse containing 20+ UPS delivery trucks and a tiny 10×20 store somewhere in the warehouse from where you can mail stuff out.

Are we right? Now, hear us out.

Each “UPS store” is a privately owned business, not corporate UPS operations. These stores offer mailbox services, which include package receiving for their mailbox customers. 

The big difference is that UPS stores are like local shipping (the store provides customers many post office products and services like the UPS) or mailbox rental places, don’t get confused just by the name.

From postage stamps, postage, delivery confirmation, and certified letters; you get everything you need to be done in just one stop. Plus, we can even process return receipt requests.

To find the nearest UPS store, click here

Benefits Of Sending Certified Mail Through UPS Store

While only the USPS is allowed to provide mail services by law, UPS stores will re-sell USPS services to you in need. 

So UPS can’t mail a letter directly, but you can pay to mail a letter with the postal service at the UPS store on your behalf using USPS certified return receipt (which costs around $10). 

These deliveries aren’t trackable though. In case of issues, you have to talk directly with the store owners since stores are separate businesses. It is rare but might help to know this.

If you need to track an USPS Surepost Package, use our UPS tracking tool.

Why Generally UPS Delivery Takes Longer Than USPS?

UPS package delivery or “hand a package over to USPS for delivery” takes time and the reason is simple. 

UPS tries sneaky ways, which are cost saving but might give a bad impression to consumers. They actually do not dispatch most of their vehicles until they reach their minimum capacity. 

Yes, they purposely delay some mail they have, to fill up their vans to save some more profits. 

On the other hand, USPS dispatches all vans at every scheduled dispatch time, no matter how full the vehicle may be. 

This behavior is the same even during events like Christmas, or Thanksgiving. They dispatch until they’re full. 

And the sneakiest thing is, you don’t see any update to the tracking in between. Why? Because the item you are waiting for is being held, so no updates whatsoever.

We’re not saying, one is right or the other is wrong but that’s how these courier companies work and you might like one and have some issues with the other. 

At least, now you know what’s happening behind no status update “glitch” they’re having…

UPS Delivery van
UPS Delivery van

Prerequisites To Ship Package To A UPS Store?

The first question that might come to your mind is, for pickup, what address should you put? Your personal or the store address while buying the item?

This is more tedious than you think…

Beware, the UPS store is not legally allowed to receive USPS packages for you without proper paperwork in place. 

Do you need to call the store to ensure that they even allow shipments via UPS to be sent there for pickup by non-mailbox holders? Because some stores don’t allow it. 

If you get the green signal, now know the charges, it’s a small handling fee ($5-10). This is a must because those can be a pain especially if it’s a UPS store inside a hotel.

You can also prepay online at, create a label, then drop it off at a UPS store, you won’t be paying the extra fee.

But the price can be somewhat negotiable. For example, if you got 4 small packages delivered, they’ll usually only charge for 1 or 2 of them. They used to do it for free, but people took advantage of that.

That’s generally true but it really depends on how many packages you receive and how much they charge to receive them. 

Each store has its unique policies and procedures. Your best bet is to talk to your local store directly and figure out what you need to do.

Must Things To Lookout Before Delivering

Keep in mind, that if you don’t have a mailbox then they will only accept UPS shipments. Mostly, people receive stuff at the UPS store via PO Box (with monthly charges). 

Make sure you put these things on the label (if it is allowed):

  • Your name (same as ID card one)
  • Number
  • Country, Zip Code, and UPS store address 

Also, please inform the receiver beforehand, most of the time deliveries get returned because they don’t know who sent them.

We’ll recommend, that if you do this regularly at your local store, you should sign up for the mailbox service. With a dedicated mailbox, you can then receive packages from all carriers (UPS, USPS, DHL, FedEx).

Note: You need to put your address in and then put in the UPS store address as to who it goes to. They check the IDs, especially addresses, of anyone who comes to pick something up.

3 Ways To Mail A Letter At The UPS Store 

Buying stuff and getting it shipped to the UPS Store/FedEx Office from any store for pickup is easy and efficient. 

Many places let you ship mail to their addresses your UPS packages and charge $5 a pop (generally). No account is required. Lucrative offer, isn’t it?

#1 Signing up for UPS MyChoice (Access Point)

UPS MyChoice membership lets your package be redirected to a UPS Store AKA an “access point”. You can set up a MyChoice account via the website or through the UPS app. Whatever feels easy to you.

And don’t get confused if a hardware store is shown as an access point. The website and app will help you choose the nearest access points to you. 

After it, you can straight go to your neighborhood UPS store to drop it off If your package has UPS prepaid label. And don’t forget to get the receipt. 

And if you haven’t already bought and labeled your package, you can buy it from the UPS store too.

Being a MyChoice member, you can redirect packages coming via UPS straight to your home address, or to the UPS store, and now UPS will pay to accept them for you. 

But 3rd party courier companies like Amazon and eBay, you’ve to be shipping it to your house, and it has to be coming via UPS only then you can take advantage of this option.

The best thing is if the driver needs a signature but you aren’t available. You can simply send your package to the nearest access point after a failed delivery (this happens mostly under missing signature). 

#2 Renting a dedicated mailbox

Another option is a little bit costly but the solution itself is permanent; By renting a mailbox at your local UPS store (costs around $30-50/month), regular mail or packages can now be securely delivered and stored.

It’s like owning a PO Box that’s not at the post office. But the downside is you don’t get 24/7 access. You can only receive your things when the store itself is open.

One rental agreement mailbox clause lets you receive packages. Most stores have no limit on the number or size of packages. 

But you should ask if they have a size, or quantity limit before surcharges apply. And that’s not the only thing to look after, not picking up your packages promptly can be a problem too. 

Some stores have limits because some violated the “reasonable” standard, and used up too much of the limited space that a store has. Again, ask about any charges they have beforehand.

#3 Delivering without registering

This is not often available but still, some stores allow it. The UPS stores will accept packages for non-mailbox customers for a fee ($5-10). 

But you’ve to contact them before they can accept any packages for you. Otherwise, it is counted as an illegal act. 

According to federal law, accepting any mail (including packages delivered via USPS) is prohibited unless they have Form 1583 on file, including copies of two forms of ID. 

Keep in mind, that Amazon uses USPS for many deliveries, this alone means you need to contact the store before you have anything sent there.

UPS Mail

Final Words On “UPS Store”

Mostly, stores receive packages for you if you arrange them ahead of time with the store directly. But as we discussed, there are main 3 ways. 

Some are convenient, and some costs a serious headache. So, generally, one thing all these methods have in common is that you’ve to pay the UPS store to accept your delivery. This is the service that they don’t offer for free. 

And paying isn’t the issue, knowing the policies and how we can solve them is the real pain in the ass. Is there anything that you would like to add to our blogpost? 

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