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Do you want to know about your parcel status? Enter your Certis Lanka tracking number above to check the current status of your parcel.

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Overview of Certis Lanka

Certis lanka is a courier service that has been serving customers since the past 20 years. These courier services are not only for individuals but for the corporate companies as well. A company can partner with Certis lanka and get all their courier services under one roof.

For the ease of clients, Certis lanka provides door to door service. Your package will be picked from your door and dropped to the recipient’s door. In case of urgent deliveries, you can easily book your order online without going through the hassle of going to Certis lanka’s office to book your order.

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Certis lanka has trained their team in a way that they are able to provide quality and timely service to customers all over the country. They believe that for a great customer experience it is important to treat customers’ packages as their own. This is why they take utmost care of your package and no matter how fragile products the shipment has, it will be delivered in its original shape and size.

Certis lanka has been able to provide customers with their desired results through the values instilled in their team. Their core values are respect, team work, integrity, and compassion.

Certis lanka provides multiple services to cater the varying needs and demands of customers. They have a documents and parcel delivery service through which they take care of your documents and make sure that they reach the right destination. Moreover, they collaborate with international courier companies to cater to customers international courier services need.

Certis Lanka Tracking

certis lanka tracking

To cater to urgent needs of customers and prevent them from worrying about their parcel delivery, Certis lanka domestic courier tracking was introduced. You require Certis Lanka tracking number provided to you at the time of booking your order. It is mentioned on the receipt and can be entered in the text box under ‘track my parcel’. You can now access all the necessary information regarding your package.

Certis lanka courier tracking provides information such as the expected date and time of delivery. By knowing this you can easily make any necessary arrangements required to accept the parcel. Moreover, you can also be available at the time of delivery to ensure that your parcel is in its original shape or not.

Certis lanka online tracking prevents customers from going outside their house to track their packages. Instead they can easily check it online and trace their parcel 24/7 from the comfort of their home without feeling the need to go and get it checked every time from their office.

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Certis lanka parcel tracking also gives customers access to their order status. Customers can get to know the current location of their package. Furthermore, customers can also get to know the date and time at which their package was in different locations from warehouse to delivery.