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CEVA Logistics was positioned in the renowned leaders’ quadrant for logistics    players by Gartner in the year 2021. CEVA Logistics assures you that you are engaging with the world ‘s top supply chain management company.

Ceva Logistics

Logistics is the foundation of international trade and is essential in every area of our daily lives. With this in consideration, their goal is to establish CEVA Logistics as the unchallenged global leader in the logistics business.

They empower businesses to develop and communities to flourish by doing what they do best. Everything they do is centered on their clients’ demands and strategic goals.

They generate value for their clients by constantly delivering great end-to-end supplying chain solutions that meet even their most complicated demands in an increasingly uncertain, dynamic, complex, or paradoxical environment.

As logistics specialists, they recognize that one of the main facilitators to their customers’ business success is finding the proper, best options for ever evolving supply chain network. They devote close attention to building solid, long-term connections with their clients, drawing on a wealth of global knowledge, forward-thinking with local know-how mindset.

Ceva logistics assists clients in confronting supply chain difficulties and identifying development prospects. They work with businesses of various types and sizes in a variety of industries, including Automotive, Energy, Consumer & Retail, Healthcare, Aerospace and Industrial, and Technology.

One of the Group’s main values has traditionally been boldness. It is inextricably linked to their entrepreneurial attitude and development drive. Boldness, which allows them to push above their limitations, never settle, or overcome any challenge, is critical to their continued development.

Ceva logistics teams of skilled and qualified airfreight experts provide quick and dependable solutions in every situation.

CEVA Logistics was prepared to create numerous intercontinental aerial bridges comprising over 280 chartered aircraft to address urgent demands for various businesses and governments during the peak of the worldwide COVID-19 crisis.

ceva tracking

Ceva Logistics Tracking

It is critical to offer all relevant information to every part. As a result of that, ceva logistics honor every order and enable you to track your delivery. They’ve created ceva tracking tool for this goal, and they make sure that each and every query and client contact is addressed individually. You may trace your cargo using their ‘CEVA Track’ tool and entering your ceva tracking number, you will be provided with all the details of your parcel. Any supply chain needs visibility, and the CEVA Track tool make it easy to monitor where are client’s items at any stage of the process.

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