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Andy Chou (CEO) and his team founded the company in the year 2000. CJ Dropshipping was established at Futian Market, which is situated in the middle of Yiwu City Province, which is known for its jewellery as well as commodity manufacture.

CJ Packet

CJ Packet is a unique shipping line that CJ Dropshipping has created. CJ Packet shipments will be delivered using customized airplanes and trucks to give better experiences during quarantine and drastically decreasing delivery time.

Word press and shopify users, Amazon, eBay,and Etsy sellers who’ve been focused on branding make up the majority of CJ Dropshipping’s clients. Thousands of their items have been shipped to more than 60 nations and regions, and they continue to provide the same standard of service today.

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The expected delivery time to the United States is 7-12 days, which is substantially faster than alternative shipping options such as ePacket while also being less expensive.

Despite this, CJ Packet does not provide shipment tracking via map. However, if you purchased something from Amazon, you may be in luck because the company is now implementing real-time package tracking by route for all of its deliveries. Real-time package tracking through a map will become industry standard in the future.

It’s just more convenient to find out where your shipment is because you’re not obligated to stay at home for a full day to wait for a shipment. Furthermore, when each and every cargo is adequately monitored, package loss, which is unpleasant for everyone in the delivery chain, becomes extremely unlikely. Check out their live parcel tracking article on the official website or more details.

cj packet tracking

CJ Packet Tracking

Unfortunately, without the tracking number, it is often impossible to monitor your package. However, both the sender and the recipient of a CJ Packet transaction shall get a tracking number. If you deliver your item to CJ Packet, you will get a voucher, and as a recipient, you should acquire a tracking number from the sender.

This is especially true for orders placed through internet stores. So, if you haven’t gotten a tracking number yet, check with the retailer where you purchased your products. CJPJC8290012760YQ is an example of a CJ Packet tracking number. Simply put your CJ Packet tracking number into the search window above to track shipment. Their tracking service will get all of the information about your order and display the most up-to-date status as well as a tracking number that can be traced in your country.

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Contact number: 1(909) 809-1104.

Email address: [email protected]