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Do you have a parcel coming from Collections ETC? Write your tracking code above for Collections ETC Track My Order and know the current status of shipment. If you are not able to track it here please visit Collections ETC official site.

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2521 Busse Rd, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Collections etc. has grown to be one of the top multi-channels and a direct-to-consumer company, operating for more than 50 years now. Their simple motto is to provide their buyers with the best and affordably priced home décor products which are otherwise not available easily.

Their products will make your house and garden look top-notch. They also have health, beauty, apparel, and accessories to add on to their beautiful variety and make sure to deliver their buyers with the best products.

 It is not everyday that a company becomes a top cataloger and a high scale internet retailer, which is exactly what Collections Etc. has done without any hassle. Alongside all this, they also have specially curated décor for any and every holiday, making sure to see that all your aesthetic needs and details are covered adequately.


As we are already aware, Collections etc. is a store for home-décor and aims to deliver the best products in the most reasonable prices to make your living space much cozier and comfortable. The store has a huge online network with 3 in-store locations as well to make sure you can always visit them to find whatever you need.

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Collections etc. deals in a huge variety of products, amongst which some of the most common categories are home décor, Bed & Bath, kitchen & dining and outdoor & garden. All these categories are the best sellers in their new line and offer the best variety, along with separate collection for each holiday, making sure that you never have to look at another place to fit your needs.

They also have virtual catalogs for you to look over at some of the best designs specially curated by keeping up with the most recent trends to assure you that your house is not only organized, but also up to date with some of the best, drool worthy pieces.

Collections ETC Track My Order

In times of covid, one thing that really saved us was the fact that we could get anything, and everything delivered right on our doorstep, which is exactly why having Collections etc. delivery services became a knight in shining armor.

But what is it that makes this firm stand out? Well, it is the collections etc. tracking service, which is not only extremely unique and convenient but also easy to use, making sure that the user knows when their parcel will stop being a speck on the screen and finally come to be an object that they can possess.

collections etc track my order

The collections etc. tracking system is highly elaborate, meaning that it has several easy steps. One of the first and foremost step is simply that when you press checkout, you get a confirmation email. One thing to remember while ordering though is to see what kind of delivery you have chosen whether its standard, express or expedited.

For standard, the delivery is made within 7 to 10 days, while for express it is done in 3 to 5 days and for expedited it can be accomplished within 2 to 3 days. All these delivery methods are equally convenient, depending on how soon you need your orders.

Later, after the order has been processed with your selected delivery option, an email is sent which has an AWB number which is curated specifically for your package, and you need to enter that in the form presented on the www.collections order URL to make sure that you know the real time-location of your shipment and are aware when its going to be delivered. 

Collections Tracking – Some More Ways

Another way to track your order is by checking the status of your order in the www.collections order status, account section, which can be accessed by opening My Account and then clicking My orders. Through my orders you will be able to see the status of your parcels, which can be further narrowed down to a particular parcel by clicking the ‘order number’ tab.

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These procedures to check the order status and to know when it is going to be delivered have greatly revolutionized the delivery process and made it seem much easier and more transparent than it was in the earlier days.  Thus, now it is a common occurrence to have brands that can be accessed from anywhere across the world rather than by just through brick-and-mortar locations.

Return and Exchange Policy

Another great thing about purchasing from here is the fact that the return and exchange policy is seamless and takes no effort at all. If one is unhappy with their product, they can simply return the item for exchange, refund, or even get full credit back if returning within the first 90 days, ensuring that there is maximum comfort and ease for the consumers.

How to Contact Collections ETC.

Often, things might just go wrong, and it may be disturbing to see if the brand is not delivering according to your wishes, which is why collections etc. makes sure that it does not disappoint its clientele and can be reached out through email and phone, making it much more convenient to have 2-sided communication without worrying.

To contact Collections Etc.  you can use the following numbers and addresses:

  • cell number (800) 582-5700
  • Fax 1-847-350-5701
  • Mail: Winston Brands, Incorporated, Attn. Customer Service, P.O. Box 7985, Elk Grove Village, IL 60009-7985

Is Collections ETC Legit?

The average customer rating for Collections Etc. is 4.6 stars, demonstrating that most consumers are happy with their purchases. Buyers who are pleased with Collections Etc. tend to emphasize on free delivery, a low service fee, and outstanding customer service as the company’s highlights.