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COSCO Shipping Lines  

COSCO SHIPPING Lines is a wholly-owned part of COSCO SHIPPING Holdings Co., Ltd., with an authorized capital of 23.664 billion Yuan and headquarters in Shanghai’s Hongkou Zone. As the group’s core corporate sector, the company is involved in domestic & global maritime containers transportation services and allied companies.

COSCO SHIPPING Lines has extended its business scale and strengthened its position in the market as a result of the merger. In the meantime, the service infrastructure has been enhanced. It opened nine domestic branches in China, including Dalian, Qingdao, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hainan, South China, and Wuhan, as well as nine international branches in Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Australia, Korea, Japan, and Africa.

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As a result, almost 400 advertising offices have been established to cover the whole worldwide shipping sector. In April 1st, 2017, the Ocean Alliance, comprised of COSCO SHIPPING Lines, Evergreen, CMA, CGM, and OOCL, began operations.

Ocean Alliance has by far the most extensive network and operation, and it leads the industry in terms of coverage, speed, and effectiveness. COSCO SHIPPING Lines is already dedicated to deliver increased “End to End” transport solutions to clients, thanks to its globalized and interconnected service network and you can easily check your parcel through our Cosco Tracking.

COSCO SHIPPING Lines will continue to optimize Globalization and apply Dual Brand to upgrade the quality of shipping options, in accordance with the strategic goal of “Building a world-class liner firm with worldwide competitiveness.”

 Furthermore, the Company will stick to the Customer Centricity, Digitization, and End-to-End conceptual analysis in order to improve customer service and consistently create more value for customers and collaborative partners.


You may put your trust in your cargo with ease. Cosco is a good choice because they offer a wide range of services, including standardization, supply-chain solutions, and a number of routes, vessels, and containers to get your items to and from diverse areas in a timely manner.

Dry containers are used to transport most commercial cargoes and are used in a variety of industries including agriculture, retail, hi-tech, minerals, food, automotive, rubber and plastics, and manufacturing. Reefer containers, on the other hand, are commonly utilized by Cosco Shipping Lines for fruit and vegetables, as well as those that require the most constant temperature, such as livestock, marine food, pharmaceuticals, and beverages. This demonstrates how quickly and safely everything can be moved.

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Coming towards the vessels, Cosco has around 360 container ships of various types and sizes, with an overall capacity of about 1,800,000 TEU. They are prepared to service you specifically as per your requirement.

Cosco Container Tracking

The Cosco cargo tracking process is super easy. You just have to enter your Bill of Lading number in the dialogue box provided on their website and you will receive timely updates about where your cargo is at that moment. The entire Cosco Sailing schedule is mentioned on their website for a customer to precisely locate where and how they can send products to their loved ones. This is why Cosco Shipping is considered as one of the most reliable services in the industry.

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