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For checking the current status of your shipping, enter the dayton freight tracking pro number above and we will take you to Dayton Freight Tracking.

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Dayton Freight Lines

Thomas L. Cronin, Jr., the pioneer of Dayton Freight Lines, knew ahead of time that client quality and reliability were the key success factors. DFL identified itself as a high-performance, LTL regional carrier that businesses depend on everyday thanks to a union-free, business strategy. 

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The Total Quality Management approach at Dayton Freight is based on the belief that all operations can and should be enhanced. They emphasize on leadership training, personnel training, and customer support in conjunction to pursuing better operating approaches.

Vision and Mission

Treating clients, the way they want to be handled is one of their top goals. That means you’ll always get the greatest service available, delivered with the utmost friendliness. Whether you’re speaking with a Dayton Freight dispatcher, a customer support person, or a driver, you can count on them to always put your best needs first. They will swiftly and accurately handle your issue or address your point.

They understand how important it is for you to get your freight delivered as promised. Dock scanning, incoming planning, and a slew of other programmed may go unnoticed by you, but they’re in place to ensure your cargo arrives on schedule and in good condition.

Technology is only one part of the equation. Their people are the most crucial aspect. The organization has personnel that clearly understands your requirements. These people go above and beyond to meet and exceed your objectives.

Concentrating on the consumer, treating staff with respect, and investing in operations are all part of their ideology. Dayton Freight will be able to serve customers more properly and efficiently as a result of this. Consequently, the company has grown to become the 15th largest LTL carrier in the US, winning numerous industry and customer accolades, and maintaining one of the industry’s greatest customer and employee loyalty rates.

Services Offered

Dayton Freight offers many services the first of which is the DFXpedited Service. If you’re in a rush, you have a few choices: DFX is designed for shipments that must arrive on schedule. It’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, fast service! Ground Expedite is a service that carries items using Cargo, Vans, Sprinter Vans, Straight Trucks, Tractors, and Trailers. Alternatively, you can use the Air Expedite program, which offers four options: Same Day, Next Day, Next Flight Out, and Air Charter.

dayton freight tracking

DFT truckload service is also available from Dayton Freight Lines and can be checked through dayton freight tracking. When you choose Dayton Freight, you’re selecting their superior quality and business climate. They work with pre-approved carriers who share their commitment to excellent service. They’ve now become your one-stop shop with the introduction of DFT!

Dayton Freight Lines Tracking

Using the Dayton Freight Tracking pro number, you can easily and effectively track all your cargos. All you must do is enter the tracking number on the space provided on the Dayton Freight Lines website, and it will give you a clear and concise data about where your parcel is and what step of the delivery process it has accomplished. You can also track your cargo through date and pending shipments. All the options are clearly mentioned on their website so you will not have any confusion.

Customer Service

Dayton Freight Lines, Inc.

6450 Poe Ave. Dayton OH 45414