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About Delmar

In today’s times, cargo companies are increasing exponentially. This is because they provide ease to the consumers in ways like no other and makes sure that people are delivered exactly what they ordered. One such company is Delmar international inc. which is a cargo company which also provides solution for several supply chain problems as well.

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Delmar provides people with global coverage and delivers shipment wherever need arises, while providing cargo management functions. They also provide users with advanced and basic functions, thus fulfilling the needs of every buyer. With so many options, functions and great services Delmar has surely made its name amongst the top cargo management companies.

Moreover, the main things Delmar prides itself on is their maximum focus to customer satisfaction which they achieve by reliable and timely delivery of the shipments

Delmar Pars tracking

As we are all aware, tracking has become extremely crucial in the recent times to answer questions about the estimated delivery times and make sure that the consumers know exactly what the order status is. Tracking also helps in knowing the complete courier details, thus smoothening out the whole process and making tracking seem seamless.

delmar pars tracking

But how exactly does one track through Delmar? Well, the process is increasingly simple. Firstly, you will need to access the Delmar tracking link through any browser page or even Delmar’s own website. Once the tracking link is accessed, you will be required to enter your carrier code and your cargo control code. As soon as you enter these codes, you will click submit to get your shipment details. This whole process takes a very short while and is very easy way to track your shipment, thus making sure you have all the details you need right on your hand.

Delmar customer service

Delmar is available in quite a few countries across the world, however, here are the contact details for their New York branch.


One Cross Island Plaza

Suite 227

Rosedale, New York


Tel: 718 527 0025

Fax: 718 978 1115