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Do you want to know the status of your parcel Enter DHE Tracking number to follow your shipment and to know all the necessary details.

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Dependable Highway Express

Dependable Supply Chain Services is a logistics company that offers a broad range of services. Trucking (LTL, FTL, Harbor Drayage), distribution or warehousing, air freight,(third-party logistics) 3PL, freight forwarding, marine freight forwarding, and freight transfer to and from Guam and Hawaii are only some of the services offered.

They began in 1950 with a solitary bobtail vehicle and have grown to five distinct integrated departments that oversee every one of these services, which are tailored to your individual logistics needs. These segments complement one another to produce a smooth comprehensive supply chain solution.

The Company’s aim is to maintain an unrivaled reputation in the industry for integrity, quality, and diversity, i.e. ‘The Reliable Difference.’ They must recruit and retain only the best talented and devoted personnel who share the organization’s values in order to attain these lofty goals.

Their capacity to give only the greatest quality of service to their customers, maintain a sufficient profit margin, and foresee possibilities and react to changes in the market way earlier of the competition is critical to their reputation as a diversified, top complete logistics provider.  All of the consumer’s LTL shipping needs can be met by Dependable. They have the vehicles, drivers, and knowledge to ensure that client shipments reach on time and in good condition.

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With 14 strategically situated service providing centers offering overnight LTL shipment services throughout California Arizona and Nevada, their asset-based trucking operation is the leading California-based West Coast regional LTL carrier. Their abilities include an expanded network that allows shipment via the Northwest (OR, ID, WA) via Peninsula Trucking Lines, in addition to being the pioneer in regional Coast LTL freight transport. Also, through their partner Ward Transport, DHE offers immediate shipping options to the Mid-Atlantic zone, and also shipment to the South central area (TX/OK) by their partner Southwestern Motor Trucking.

Dependable offers nearly 2 million sq ft of premium warehouse room near all of California’s harbors, including Long Beach, Los Angeles and Oakland. They are the industry leaders in the storage, tracking, and management of your goods, with comprehensive supply chain solutions to manage your dray, warehouse, and delivery needs.

They engage in full-service B2B as well as B2C completion as an asset-based organization with over 2 million sq. ft of multi-client and contractual storage space. Their professional account managers know the difficulties of keeping your goods, and they can tailor a solution which not only meets your demands but also enhances your bottom line depending on the short or long-term demands.

DHE Tracking

Dependable Highway Express Tracking

Are you looking forward to your package with DHE and are curious to know about all the necessary details in terms of where your package is, if it’s still in the dock, how far it is to reach you and what’s the progress in general? Go on the official website of DHE and enter DHE tracking number in the dialogue box. If you are unable to track your package contact DHE customer service related to your problem.

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