Does UPS Put Packages In Mailbox?  – How’s It Is Done

Here’s a quick question, can UPS deliver to mailboxes, and why packages are showing up in the mail? Hmm, Interesting. Here’s what UPS has told us upon asking… We even collected some feedback from the public too.

The answer isn’t that simple. Receiving UPS packages in your mailbox instead of your front door is happening very often. Some call it courier companies’ monopoly, some say it’s a new way to save money, and sometimes it’s illegal by US law!

How can many things happen at once? Crazy, isn’t it?

In, today’s blog post, we’ll answer every boiling question regarding packages popping up in mailboxes to what are related possibilities by which you can benefit yourself.

Things You Need To Know Beforehand

UPS is not legally allowed to deliver packages to your mailbox (locked or not) unless they’re using UPS paid hybrid delivery service like “SurePost”. – this service actually delivers the package on behalf of UPS.

This happening because the USPS (government owned) has legally allowed a few companies like FedEx, and UPS to use mailboxes to provide faster and more friendly ways to deliver mail within the US alone.

You can read more about hybrid shipping; we’ve written a whole article around it. So, if the sender or receiver hasn’t purchased this service, by law, they cannot deliver to mailboxes.

Why? Because according to United States law, mailboxes are owned by the government-owned company USPS, so no one is legally allowed to touch them.

But if we’re talking about outside of the US like Canada’s mailboxes, UPS is not allowed to use them, they would deliver packages to the doorstep instead.

What Is UPS SurePost (Explanation)?

SurePost is a collaboration between UPS and USPS. Now, UPS handles all logistics and USPS is responsible for the final delivery. 

This offers customers a faster, more secure, hassle-free, and less expensive service. Also, delivery takes around 2-7 days, including weekends! 

Is SurePost mailbox delivery worth the buck?

This sure does save a lot of time and money. But most people use this service for small and lightweight parcels because of affordable rates. 

The good thing is UPS handles all the shipping logistics but USPS would be responsible for the final delivery of the package.

 Does UPS Delivery to Community Mailboxes Count?

Let’s say you live in a building’s apartment, so you might have a single community mailbox for the whole building. Now, the question would be if UPS delivers to the mailbox or your apartment.

Straight up, UPS won’t deliver to community mailboxes because, community mailboxes are also government-owned for mail only, not packages. 

So, your packages will be delivered to the building assistant or the carrier driver will personally come to your apartment door.

Doing this might also cause a few missing deliveries; It’s better to make your parcel hold mail, they will leave it at your local UPS store where you can go and pick it up.

If this doesn’t seem to be reliable to you, you can rent virtual UPS mailboxes to receive packages to avoid deliveries at your house.

What if the mailbox is locked, the parcel requires a signature, and I’m not home?

It seems a lot is going on in your life; But nothing to worry about!

If you’ve bought SurePost, UPS delivery would be shipped via USPS on behalf of UPS to your mailbox. In your case, the mailbox is locked, so the package will end up on your doorstep or if you’ve left written special instructions on the doorstep, they’ll follow it. 

FYI: They are legally not allowed to leave your package unsupervised in 2022.

Now, if a signature is required, they will ring your doorbell and ask you to sign for the package. In your case, you’re not home, so your package will end up at your local UPS.

You’ve to visit a local post office to get the package personally but before that call ahead, and ask for your package against your tracking information; So, they won’t waste more of your time finding it on spot.

Hopefully, this would help with your chaotic schedule…

How do I get UPS to deliver to the backdoor instead of the main door?

Can I tell UPS were to leave my packages? If you ask us, that’s the smartest way to safeguard your package from thieves about 90% of the time.  

And YES, this can be arranged by the below steps:

  1. Signup or login in UPS MyChoice account

  2. Change your delivery location via the tracking number

  3. Also, leave special instructions if you want to

This is the shortest explanation; We’ve written a detailed piece about the delivery location changing via UPS here. Also, keep in mind, it’s just a ‘request’.

UPS drivers have to follow strict time crunches so, there are always in a rush. Like an average of 17 seconds per delivery. So, if your request isn’t granted, please show some sympathy.

How To Take Action Against UPS For Putting Packages In Mailbox?

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As we explained above, if you or the sender didn’t buy SurePost, they’re not legally allowed to drop packages in the mailbox any other way. Now, this is an action worthy.

The most efficient way to is to straight away file a complaint to UPS. Here’s how to file a complaint on UPS:

  1. UPS customer service number: 1-800-742-5877

  2. UPS customer service Email: [email protected]

Be sure to include your address and tracking number in either of these mentioned ways so, the agent can track who is accountable for your parcel delivery.

What happens if I put a UPS package in the mailbox

This is interesting. Typically, after a couple or more packages, the post office will call UPS, and make you retrieve the packages, so it’s like inviting a delay yourself.

Mostly, the post office would return them to the delivery driver so, he can send them back. Looks dumb, isn’t it? Just don’t do it.

Can we put your mailbox anywhere?

No, It’s illegal. The USPS does not allow you to relocate residential mailboxes. Instead, they put this to local postmasters so, now they decide what is the best location. Less hassle and burden.

This will also save a lot of headaches of calling or visiting the post office just to move your damn mailbox.

Do UPS stores offer mail-holding services for mailbox holders?

Yes, but there are limitations. If the package fits the restrictions, you can drop it off at blue collection mailboxes, or post office mail drop slots.

Some local post offices may also have an entitled spot on the counter for prepaid packages. That’s why It’s better to ask where to put packages on the counter.

Can I put a USPS package in my mailbox?

Yes, but if your parcel is smaller than ½ inch thick, and weighs less than 10 oz then just use a postage stamp, and leave it in your mailbox for carrier pickup.

If it doesn’t fit the criteria, this won’t work.

Can I drop a USPS package at a retail store like Walgreens?

Yes, retailers like Walgreens, Staples, and Walmarts accept USPS packages – supposing there’s a FedEx counter inside.

It’s very simple:

  1. Create and print the label

  2. Securely seal your package and attach the label

  3. Drop it off at any mentioned retailer

If you’re getting confused at some point, just ask the assistance behind the counter.

Does FedEx take USPS Packages?

Yes, FedEx also has a hybrid shipping contract with USPS. It has the same pros as UPS, it’s a cost-effective option for low-weight, and USPS would carry out the final delivery.

Final thoughts On “Does UPS put packages in the mailbox”

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Mailing things across the state looks and feels like a piece of cake nowadays, all it takes is printing a label, pasting the label on the package, and shipping it in hopes of getting it delivered within 1-2 days!

The infrastructure behind all this shipping is extremely complex. Sometimes, situations tend to be unexpected for a lot of people.

Like in this article, we told you how just a parcel from other courier companies (excluding USPS) ending up in your mailbox under some conditions is completely illegal by law, and this is also recognized on the government level.

There are many other issues like delivery getting delayed, package getting lost, or package relocation, we’ve written separate detailed pieces of information on these issues, completely jargon-free so, you won’t feel stressed out while facing one.

Again, it’s a headsup, be sure to complain if packages are ending up in the mailbox often, if you don’t, make yourself ready for some extra steps to get your missing packages back.

Hopefully, this blog post has helped you learn “why UPS packages might be ending up in your mailbox”. As an appreciation, signup for our free weekly newsletter with no bullshit included.