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About Doma Export

In today’s times, everything is connected and regardless of how far one might seem, the boundaries are slowly blurring. This is also why country-wide deliveries and communication is gaining popularity. One of the leading companies to deliver parcels from United States to European countries is the Doma Export.

They primarily deliver goods to Poland along with other 43 countries, making them highly connected, reliable and providers of excellent quality, regardless of how small or big your partner might be.

Doma Export offers a huge variety of services including shipping container rentals alongside shipping personal and commercial parcels, both through air and ocean. They are spread in more than 50 locations across the US and provide several delivery options as well, making them highly accessible and convenient.

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With companies like Doma Exports, not only delivering becomes easy but there is also full safety because they are the best at their jobs, making sure that there is no lacking in your comfort.

Another thing which makes Doma fully stand out is the fact that they provide shipments of vehicles of cars, scooters, ATVs, jet skis boats and even snow mobiles which is difficult to manage in normal circumstances. This makes Doma a unique export company.

Alongside that, last minute gift baskets and food parcels too are also a huge priority for individuals which are delivered through Doma. If you have forgotten a friend’s birthday or want to send a celebratory gift to your family, Doma is at your service with their top notch delivery and tracking system.


There are several services which are offered by Doma Export which include vehicle shipment, shipping container rental, resettlement, package shipment and even food and gift packages, thus providing something for everyone. The best part is that with 50 locations across United States, you can easily deliver goods through them whenever and wherever you want in Europe. So, if your family or friends live far away, and you are worried about sending them a package, just contact Doma Export and they will get it done for you!

Doma Export Tracking

Since Doma’s primary focus is to transport goods to your doorstep across countries, either through air or ocean, it is extremely important for Doma to have delivery services which are fully up-to-the mark, making one order through them repeatedly.

To ensure excellent delivery services, the two things which are extremely important are fool proof tracking services alongside having a shorter delivery time. This is critical in providing maximum comfort and ease to the clients. Doma Export makes sure that it delivers both these things to its clients, making them a one-of-a-kind brand for exporting services.

doma export tracking

Doma Export provides exceptional tracking services to their clients through which they can see where their order has reached or by when will it be delivered. This plays a huge role in reducing confusion as there is a lot of chaos in across-country deliveries.

To track your order,  all one needs to do is enter the Doma Export Tracking number in the online tracker tool and it will help you trace your parcel, package, shipment and give you the real time delivery status of where your order is. This provides you status information immediately without any hassle. Tracking system will also make sure you know the exact route of the package, thus also giving you a good estimate of when your order might reach you.

Delivery Time

The point-by-point tracking is extremely important as it tells you everything from the moment you drop it till the point your order reaches you, making the whole process fully transparent and easy to perform. Since Doma Export transports through both air and ocean both, it has separate estimated times for both the deliveries. The delivery time for parcels sent by ocean is approximately 4 to 6 weeks, however that time may change in times of holidays, particularly Christmas and Easter seasons.

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Air shipments are also available through Doma Exports and can be done by two different levels either standard or express. The regular air freight takes one to two weeks and express delivery is five to eight business days, and the time is calculated from when the parcel is accepted.  

Custom Handling

Another crisis which arrives while delivering products or parcels cross countries is of customs. Often, custom office does not allow a parcel to get through. In this condition, Doma Export guides you accordingly and assists you with how to get your parcel across by connecting you to the required lines.

Another thing which is exceptional about Doma Export is that all shipments are covered in the unlikely event of a loss till $100, making Doma Exports more trustable and making one want to continuously deliver through them.

Contact Doma Export

The business hours of Doma Export are from Monday- Friday, 8:30-6:00 am, while on Saturdays they operate from 8 am to 1 pm. You can contact Doma easily through this contact number: (800) 229-3662

Doma Export Tracking