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Eagle International Shipping

Eagle international logistics was created to provide simplified and modern delivery solutions to its users. It’s on the mission to offer services that are well integrated with innovative technology and effective strategies. 

The business is on the aim to serve its customers in a better way and to offer them satisfactory services. In short, they keep their customers as their first priority. No matter if you’re an individual or a company, Eagle international is always there to provide you with efficient and tailor-made solutions. 

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They are specialized in logistics and freight offerings. It’s performing the courier services globally to eliminate the stress for businesses. It is on the mission to create a sustainable environment for companies across the UK and other countries. 

Mission of Company 

The company is on the mission to offer simplified logistics with the help of unparalleled levels of dedication, service, and innovation. 


The company sees itself as the business creating a sustainable environment for the growth of its customers. It has the vision to eliminate the worries of the users regarding global freight shipping. 

Global Network

As a private business, they enjoy the perk of having the freedom to choose the partners among global leading carriers. They can build relationships with the selected partners who are on the same mission and carry the same culture. 

This way, they are able to have a great network of service providers. The company keeps a close eye on its operations to maintain its high standards and retain uniformity in the values and quality of services. 

Services Offered by Eagle Logistics

Eagle international possesses well-trained and efficient teams that work closely with the users to understand them well. In this way, they can assist the customers in a better manner and provide them with high-quality shipment services. 

eagle international shipping tracking

Their prominent facilities include transportation of sensitive goods, full and part charters, transportation of precious and expensive commodities, and the transport to global exhibitions. They offer the best of services among other shipment providers out there. 

Contributions For Carbon Offsetting 

Eagle global logistics is not only contributing to the courier industry but it’s concerned about the environment as well. They try their best to lessen the carbon footprint after every order they place for delivery. 

All of their delivery sources are set to work for this cause. They are vigilant for their every means of transport about how they contribute to making the less damage to the environment. Let’s give you an insight into their multiple transport resources that are united to work for the betterment of people as well as their habitat. 

The sea Freight

The company has a better understanding and concerns about how sea shipping adds to the CO2 emission immensely. So, it considers the Paris agreement of keeping teh temperature below 2c. They have proposed that using carbon-neutral fuels can make a way towards the preservation of a healthy environment. 

Keeping that in view, almost all the companies are united to achieve their target by 2050. Eagle international is also making efforts to put up with and become a carbon-neutral carrier for the global economy. 

The road Freight

At Eagle, they are in full support of the Road Haulage Association (RHA). Freight transportation is considered to be the most threatening sector for decarbonizing. In this case, it’s challenging for teh companies to balance the fulfillment of customers’ needs in a way that contributes to environmental wellbeing as well. 

The company has made it a priority to continue road haulage operations by making some green choices to add to decarbonizing. It still manages to perform efficiently to offer its customers cost-efficient services. 

Air Freight Transport

In their air freight services, they utilize airbus A3550 passenger aircraft, which is considered to be the most fuel-efficient aircraft. It can offer a low fuel burn and can lessen the CO2 burn, all is possible through the combination of carbon composites, titanium, and aluminum alloys.

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The cargo that is higher than 160cm, is delivered by the Cargo aircraft of the company. Its 747-400F along with 747-8F freighter fleet is utilized in case of transportation of heavy haul. They are always available to accommodate your every need. 

The Rail Freight 

In case of the rail freight, there is a very low percentage of carbon emission. On average, the rail freight industry contributes just 1% of the total CO2 emitted overall from the transport industry. Considering the fact, it’s one of the most appealing means of transport for a lot of transport companies. 

Especially for the ones who are eager to serve for the betterment of the environment they live in. The company is pushing itself hard to become a carbon-neutral service provider. The rail freight is one of the most liked facilities among its users. 

Final Words For Eagle International

It’s a wise choice to deal with the service that works for the wellbeing of the environment as well along with offering a reliable service. This way, you also contribute to this noble cause. Moreover, the company lacks nowhere in the provision of excellent and efficient delivery solutions. 

They have implemented a well-strategic system that supports all of its operations to flow seamlessly. If you choose eagle international, there’s no wise choice that you can make in substitute to that. You’ll get a service whose processes are quite transparent and well-grounded. You won’t only receive great service but a satisfactory experience overall. 

To get started with your order tracking and tracing, put the order tracking number here. In case you face any problem in getting your order updates, you can call the company’s customer service representative [email protected]. They are always here to assist you during the weekdays. 

Or else you can also drop an email at [email protected] to report your detailed queries. They’ll respond to you back ideally within the next 24 hours.