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Estes Forwarding Worldwide

Efw delivery take a special approach in providing personalized logistic services as one of the country’s leading international and domestic transportation forwarders. They can always provide the best solutions for their clients, whether it’s aviation, land, or sea freight.

They serve clients in a variety of sectors, including retailing, e-commerce, governmental, automotive, pharmaceutical, tech, and exhibit events, and they work with customers all across the world. Their vast North American and international reach, unmatched service capabilities via their hybrid transport system, and unique support by Express Estes Lines set them apart from the competition. But it’s their dedication to treat their clients the way they would like to be handled, and to provide a higher level of service to them that truly sets them different.

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It’s called the EFW Experience, and it’s a tribute to their willingness to go above and beyond for their clients and build long-lasting connections. Their objective is to consistently offer the EFW Shipping Experience by setting records of customer expectations.

They deliver the product on time thanks to a worldwide community of 10,000+ associates and accessibility to the resources of the United States’ biggest privately held LTL carrier. They provide tailored solutions that are personalized to your exact specifications. Every time, they deliver by beyond your expectations. They can supply their clients with more than  2.78 million sq . ft of direct controlled warehouse space and exposure to an enormous warehousing infrastructure all over the U. S. via EFW’s comprehensive warehousing system.

Because of the strength of their freight brokerage, you can acquire the technology and specialized transport service your company requires at any time. Take full advantage of unequaled volume, door-to-door services, and 24-hour monitoring while remaining compliant with DOT regulations. EFW has the infrastructure to handle your distribution network demands with the best levels of service, if it’s either short term or long-term project—because they care as much for your consignments as you seem to do.

EFW Tracking

Customers receive a tracking number from EFW as immediately as they make a purchase with the company. Customers can acquire this tracking number together with the order invoice, which includes their billing and shipping address information.

Efw Tracking

You may get a rough estimate of when your order will arrive by entering the efw tracking number. Customers would appreciate it because they will not have to wait for their delivery unnecessarily. Customers should also be aware of the estimated arrival time so they could be present when their goods are delivered.

Users are also notified if their shipments are going to be late using Efw tracking. Customers can make alternate arrangements until their order arrives if they require the packages urgently.

EFW Customer Service

100 Gateway Centre Parkway,

Suite 210

Richmond, VA 23235

Main 804-205-5907

Fax 804-230-4605

Toll Free 855-433-9669

EFW Warehousing

422 N Chimney Rock Road

Greensboro, NC 27410

Main 336-275-8458