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Do you want to track a package using EMS Tracking? To learn more, enter your EMS tracking number in the dialogue box.

Express Mail Services (EMS) tracking. Please enter the 13-digit tracking number ems (e.g. EZ987654321XX) that is assigned to each EMS item to trace it.

EMS Express Mail Service

EMS (Express Mail Service) is a worldwide postal Express Mail Service for documentation and commodities provided by postal operator of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), which connects more than 175 nations and territories across the world.

Other postal companies take a backseat to EMS. Based on Postal Service counters, the EMS worldwide network has the most client access points in the universe.

EMS postal carriers have the best last-mile presence in the world, because to the postal delivery network, which allows them to reach every company and resident on the planet.

The United Nations Postal Union (UPU) is an intergovernmental organization that serves as the principal venue for collaboration between governments and postal service providers, and other stakeholders in the international postal industry.

Its 192 members work together to maintain the global network, define regulations for worldwide mail exchange, and enhance customer service quality.

In service disputes between Posts and its customers, EMS track does not interfere. The sender must commence such inquiries and claims at the postal office in the area.

Postal tracking data is managed by National Posts, and its Customer Service divisions can answer general item questions or assist you in locating your item.

The tracking information collected as part of the EMS Review and Measurement and Pay-for-Performance initiatives is private and will just be used by the EMS Organization and the Global Bureau (via its EMS Entity) for quality assurance and statistical reasons, including actions such as performance monitoring and the output of reports for EMS technicians; in this regard, the UPU will not share such tracking information with other people without the express permission of the EMS Cooperative or the International Bureau (via its EMS Unit).

ems tracking
ems tracking

EMS Post Tracking

If you need to trace your EMS package, either contact the post operator who shipped it or the EMS administrator in the receiving country. Because the EMS Unit represents postal organizations, it is unable to respond to consumer EMS tracking questions. EMS shipping tracking data is managed by individual EMS operator in each nation, and its Customer Service section can answer basic EMS questions or assist you in locating your EMS delivery.

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Contact Details

If you have any questions concerning the EMS Cooperative’s organization, initiatives, or meetings, or if you want to join the Cooperative, then contact the EMS Department at the following address.

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