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Overview of ePacket

China Post’s delivery service is known as EMS ePacket. Amongst many postal services in China, EMSE packet is considered one of the best of its kind. It is mainly preferred by people running e-commerce business in China as well as Hong Kong.

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The main purpose of EMS ePacket is to make international deliveries especially of small packets that are light weight to be affordable. Many companies charge high for international deliveries therefore, EMS ePacket has designed their business model in a way that they can provide international deliveries at a cheaper price.

The e-commerce sector is ever growing and through EMS ePacket shipping services more and more people across the globe are able to purchase products from China thus, generating more revenue for the e-commerce sector.

The shipping method is especially designed to aid the e-commerce sellers as well as buyers purchasing those products from the businesses. The shipping service efficient, timely, and most importantly safe. You do not have to worry about packages being misplaced or stolen.

ePacket Tracking

For a seller as well as a buyer, the most important thing is the tracking service especially, if it involves international shipping. This is because customers do not want to be unnecessarily worried about their orders and through ePacket delivery tracking they are prevented from all the stress.

epacket tracking

EMS ePacket can be tracked by going to ‘track my package’ tab on their website. You will then be required to enter your tracking number in the text box there. The tracking number will be provided to the recipient at the time of placing their order along with their receipt consisting of billing and shipping details.

Through ePacket shipping tracking you will be able to access multiple information regarding your package. The recipient will get to know the tentative date and time at which their package will reach at their door step. This makes it easy for the recipient to be available at the time of delivery.

Moreover, through ePacket tracking you can also check your order status. You will get to know the current location of your package as well as the date and time at which your package was at different locations from warehouse to delivery.

In case your parcel is running late, through the tracking facility you will be informed about it beforehand. In this way you will not have to wait unnecessarily. Moreover, you can also arrange alternatives in case the parcel is urgent.

The entire tracking facility is for customers to have transparency. Nothing regarding the package is hidden from customers and they are up to date regarding everything. Customers also have control over the entire delivery system as they can check their tracking status anytime in the day.

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Customer Service

If the quality of service is good, the delivery is made on time, and the tracking facility works perfectly, then it all comes down to the customer service of a company. It is through the customer service of a company they are able to retain customers and able to build a wide customer base that is loyal to the shipping company.

By going through  the ‘contact us’ tab on the website of EMS ePacket, you can get to know multiple ways through which you can get in touch with their team. You can also contact them on their customer service number that is 11183. The team of EMS ePacket China will get back to you with your query within 24 hours.