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Equick Carrier

Equick, formally known as Beijing Suda NetEase Freight Forwarding International Co., Ltd., is a Chinese logistics, global air freight, and package delivery service that was launched in 2009. Equick’s management team consists of seasoned experts in worldwide express delivery, transportation, and order administration who provide their customers with optimal and custom-tailored cross-border logistical solutions.

Equick specializes on supply chain efficiency and products delivery for the online retail industry. To provide a secure and reliable shipping service abroad, the company engages with a number of global partners. Equick can help internet sellers expand their foreign business by offering competitive rates on their services.

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Equick is a parcel delivery service that deals with a lot of online vendors and E-commerce businesses. The shipment is picked up when the seller has prepped and submitted the package and has sent the details to Equick for transportationn.

Equick shipping services collect the shipment from one of these facilities and prepares it for transportation in China or elsewhere. Based on the product’s destinations across the globe, Equick offers numerous transportation options, Example Global package deliveries with prioritized distribution in the target country offered through Equick Express Packet. The UK, Germany, New Zealand, and Australia are among the destinations. Another option is China – US Express: distribution of shipments weighing up to 30 kg is projected to take between 4 to 7 business days. Air transport to New York are available on a daily basis. The goods are subsequently handled by the United States Postal Service (USPS) and many more options like these.

Equick provides logistics and expedited transportation services to online retailers on platforms such as Alibaba, Ebay, as well as Amazon. Equick’s services are used by these sites to get their items delivered all over the world. Equick works with partners such as USPS, Canada Post, GLS, and many more to make deliveries to recipients once they arrive in the targeted country.

Equick Tracking

The tracking of shipping firms is what distinguishes them. Customers are anxious to receive their packages, which is why tracking is the most crucial factors and the first element they look at when determining which shipping company to choose to ship their package.

Equick courier handles a wide range of destinations, and you can track all of your items only in a few minutes. When a shipment is shipped to you, the sender will give you with an equick tracking number, which you may use to check the progress of the shipment and the whereabouts of the mail or parcel on the website.

equick tracking

The format for Equick tracking is that the number starts with capital letters, then a 10-digit series, and finally uppercase alphabets.

The goal of the whole tracking system is to keeps clients from worrying overly regarding their packages. It informs customers in advance if their transport will be delayed, so they are not surprised and may plan a substitute delivery in time of emergency.

Contact Details

Equick has a number of locations around the country, which include the following:

Beijing Office:

  No. 2 Guangqu East Road, Chaoyang, District, Beijing


Shanghai Office:

Shanghai Jiuxing Business Center B, No. 9 Shenbin Road, Minhang District, Shanghai 608