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Overview of Estes

In North America, the largest privately owned freight shipping company is known as Estes. They have been in business and serving the transport industry for over ninety years, providing their customers reliable shipping solutions. For over nine decades they have built a reputation for dependability, a robust transportation network, and won several awards for their outstanding services.

Estes manages a large number of fleets that includes 7000 tractors and 30,000 trailers along with a network of 260+ terminals and 10000+ terminal doors. They cover all 50 states as well as Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean. The direct points served are 1,540,000+ and shipment volume as of 2020 was 12,161,900. Through their extensive network of air, ocean, and ground services they can easily manage to ship anything virtually to any destination around the globe. Estes has financial stability ever since it started therefore, they have the skill and resources that will be required in case of drastic changes in the shipping needs of the customers.


Estes’s mission is to deliver freight solutions that are responsive so that the customers can focus on what matters to them the most. The reason why Estes has been leading in the shipping solutions market since many years is because they provide personal experience tailoring it according to the needs of every customer. They have a lot of people working for them for over a lot of years and doing a lot of hard work in order to provide value and satisfaction to the customers. It’s the satisfaction of customers that serves as the driving force for employees to put in more efforts.

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Estes has a family inspired culture. They consider their people as family, supporting and inspiring them every day. They believe that it is important for everyone to collaborate and pitch in their ideas whenever it is needed. The main reason why Estes focuses on long term is because they are a third and fourth generation family owned and run business.

estes tracking

Estes has been able to achieve nine decades of experience due to their continuous growth and end to end solutions. Their experience along with fiscal management policy indicates that Estes has the resources, equipment, and technology that is required in order to provide customers with continuous improvements.

Estes finds it very important to keep in mind the safety of their associates along with public. Estes has always focused on continuously improving and developing new ideas and technology thus, focusing on flexibility in order to expand the services they offer to their customers every day.

Another reason why Estes has been in business for over nine decades in their commitment towards honesty, integrity, and fairness. They always believe in doing the right thing for their customers no matter the repercussions that might follow after that.

In today’s times, shipping companies have taken the world by storm, whether it’s how easy they have made sending goods across or their high range in coverage areas, freight shipping is one of the best things that have happened. For this and several other reasons, Estes brings in their own range of freight shipping with services sure to blow your mind.

At its very core, Estes Express Lines is a freight shipping company which brings you the best solutions and services within no time and with the best services one could ask for. Their goal towards their customers is direct and it is to be ethical and committed towards their delivery in every way possible. This means equipping their drivers with top notch equipment, making speedy deliveries and managing everything between the initial shipment loading to the delivery process immaculately, leaving no room for complaints. With so much ease provided to the buyers, they also have a huge range of services, or as Estes calls it, Solutions which bring something for every consumer and ensure that there are all types of services available in terms of freight shipping, regardless of whatever it is you need. Estes is your one stop shop for all your freight cargo necessities, which is what makes them great.


Estes comes with a huge line of services or solutions offered. These include the less-than-truckload option and the time-critical option, both of which are used very frequently and are highly amazing. They also have volume and truckload option for shipments where more capacity is required. International shipping is also one of the solutions provided by Estes, which is definitely rare and one of the many esteemed solutions. Lastly, Estes Express Lines also brings custom shipping with logistics requirement and the final mile package to bring about the required commercial deliveries. With so many solutions, one is sure to get what they need without any difficulty at all ensuring a smooth process from the very beginning to the very end. Let’s take a look at all of these solutions in a more detailed way so we know which is exactly the right service for us.


Estes prides itself on being one of the largest privately held less-than-truckload companies and freight carriers. It also has a network coverage of delivering across 50 American states, Canada, Mexico and even to the Caribbean which is particularly what makes it unique. They also have a nationwide terminal network which connects 750 million shipping points, one-day and two-day combined. This ensures that the LTL delivery promised by Estes is faster or comes equal to that of other carriers fast shipping. Their huge network of shipping points is definitely a winner.

One of the many advantages of working with Estes is their regional shipping, national shipping, international and offshore solutions. Their regional shipping is throughout US and has a network of 7000 next day-lanes whereas their national shipping provides the convenience to ship from coast to cast. Alongside that their international and offshore shipping comes with easy, worldwide delivery and reliable network of people. also, with more than 90 years of experience working with freight deliveries Estes can be fully trusted to make sure there no room for error.

They also have a range of 7000 tractors and 30000 trailers with 260+ terminals to support products with greater volume which are to be delivered in regional locations. Also, the coverage points all view America combined with those of Canada and Mexico are what make Estes unique, and the best in their line. If all these features are not enough to convince you that Estes is the brand you should go for, it also has an award-winning safety record which ensures that they will take care of your goods like no other and make sure your shipment reaches not only timely but also safely. For all your LTL freight shipping needs, Estes Express service is the only answer!

Time-critical guaranteed

Often times, one wants their shipment to reach not only safely but also exactly on time and they can’t afford even the slightest of mistake with respect to punctuality. Well, for days like that and for clients which are time-sensitive, this solution is the only one to go to. The time critical guaranteed solution provides your client with the assurance that their freight shipment will reach their shipment in no time and without any hassle. This means that you guarantee a time-critical shipment, which definitely is a sure shot when dealing with a company like Estes.

Estes time-critical solution is the best in the industry with features like guaranteed on-time delivery and guaranteed damage-free shipment. They also promise to provide guaranteed on time appointments and pickups, leaving absolutely no room for error or for improvement making their service one of the most esteemed. With their customer care services which are out class and ensure the best in the least time, Estes promises what it prides itself upon. Their services are flexible and time-critical and your shipment reaches always before time, rather than ever being late. This is what makes Estes the best for time-critical services and is the reason why clients choose it time and again.

With their guarantee also comes features like Volume LTL shipments and hazmat freight, which are not a part of the competitors services, once again giving Estes the edge. It also has definite options for time and date to choose from while also providing buyers options like Must arrive by or No sooner No later which are comprehensive and make sure to deliver right on time, while complying with the clients’ rules. Estes, with its promising services and time-criticality is the answer to all your time-critical shipments.

Volume and truckload

Another great service which comes in extremely handy is the volume and truckload service which is once again provided by Estes express lines to make our job to move shipments several times easier. This means that for shipments which require more volume and are in a larger capacity, the volume and truckload solution offers them a clear-cut way to make these freight shipments possible.

What is also pretty great is that this feature comes with the asset-based and brokered freight solution, making it accessible to all users. Alongside that, like LTL shipping, it also has options like regional, national, international and offshore destinations shipping options, meaning you can ship to anywhere in USA and even choose to make shipments in Canada and Mexico which have extra volume.

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One more thing which makes this particular solution stand out is that even though it carries more volume than usual and is a much better option for clients who want to trade in bulk quantities, it has a much lesser cost than the standard LTL shipping which not only makes this solution more desirable but also a much more sensible choice to make. With so much accessibility and feasibility, it is truly questionable if one does not choose volume and truckload solution every time there might be a need for extra shipping that needs to be done.


In today’s times, when the borders are blurred and there barely seem to be any apparent differences between countries and states, why does one stay restrict to one border or one country? For this exact reason, Estes estate lines bring to you the option of doing freight shipping internationally which is one of the many services or solutions which boggles the minds of many competitors and leaves Estes to be the best in line for freight shipping, especially internationally.

This means that when you need a company to do freight shipping which is reliable and flexible with just the right expertise and excellent reach, the best option is to go for Estes. They provide shipments which are fit for several reasons included but not limited to exports, imports and even consolidated shipments. Estes also specializes in international fast deliveries and standard deliveries while also providing additional value-added services which makes sure to keep the customers coming in every time, they want a shipment to be sent abroad.

Whether one chooses to deliver stuff by air, land or even sea, the vast network which Estes is equipped by ensures a seamless experience to any destination across the globe. They make sure to deliver the best in the best prices without causing a havoc for the client. Also, they handle single invoice shipment handling as well as complete tracking from one endpoint to the next, thus ensuring a seamless process which is perfect and immaculate. Their major areas of coverage include Canada and Mexico while also delivering to the Caribbean by water. They also do global freight forwarding, thus can potentially reach any place in the world through their huge network of suppliers. With so many options and a huge coverage area, buyers are sure to come back to Estes every time they want a shipment delivered, whether internationally or regionally.

Custom shipping logistics

Everyone likes a business that’s dedicated to make your priority their job, which is exactly why Estes is a great company and delivers just that, without any issue. Their team works hard to resolve all your issues, whether they’re supply chain crises or logistics issues. This is why this specific solution or service is called custom shipping and is tailored to fit the needs of people. they provide people with reliability, flexibility and capability needed to deal with the issue and give an edge like no other.

Amongst this service there are several sub chains, starting from supply chain management and logistics. Within this chain, they offer easy product to market solutions including that of warehousing and consolidation to ensure all the clients supply chain needs are met. They also offer special services like crating and hazmat to deal with more unique challenges, which can only be solved by freight shipping needs. Alongside that, Estes comes ready to deal with any disaster that might come along the way and thus is an approved freight carrier for the FEMA, department of Defense and the GSA.

This means they have all the necessary certifications to deal with any disaster and even aim to serve the community in case any unforeseen circumstances occur by delivering food, supplies and relief to the communities which are in dire need of tattled but not the least they also come with the domestic freight forwarding logistic which means they offer a range of forwarding solutions with constant monitoring and delivery-specific options which ensure that the client gets just what they asked for. With so many customizable options, Estes custom logistics are for sure just the thing to go for when choosing to do freight shipping.

Final Mile

Final mile delivery option is another one of the solutions which is offered by Estes and is one stellar solution at that. What it primarily does is provide home delivery and even non-dock business delivery, making sure all your needs are met. Within this service there is the option for home delivery where Estes manages to deliver from retailer to homes across the country while there is also another option of non-dock delivery where one provides commercial deliveries to businesses that don’t have a proper dock. With these services, it maximizes accessibility making Estes one of the best places to deliver from, regardless of one doing either home delivery or non-dock delivery.


If all of these above freight options were not enough to make Estes stand out as the best company to do shipping from, their technology is another reason why you should go for their solutions. Their website and online application provide just the right tools one needs to manage the shipments and are available all day and night thus giving you the comfort that you’re looking for. They have the option of creating our own Estes account and logging in to get all your past shipment information as well as the option of an API, which merges the shipping functionality with a business in no time. Their EDI network alongside the TMS network is also what makes their network one of the finest by simplifying the shipping experience and providing all the data needed right on your fingertips.

With so many services to choose from, there should be absolutely no doubt that Estes Express lines are just the business to go for when looking for any kind of shipping as they have everything you will ever need combined with a lot more.

Estes associates are well equipped to cater the needs of the customers and provide them the best service. They have the ability to overcome all sorts of obstacles. Lastly, Estes has the courage and determination to inspire smart, out of the box thinking, can do mentality, and a drive to excel which results in better outcomes for the company to cater the customers.

Even though, W.W. Estes, the founder of Estes, is not alive by now but he must be proud that the company has been excelling over nine decades over the same values of dedication, integrity, customer service, and hard work that he laid the foundation for when he started back in 1931.


Estes began in 1931 when W.W. Estes wanted to support his family financially during The Great Depression so, he bought a used Chevrolet in which he used to haul livestock and market it to his neighbors in rural Virginia. Over time his business grew, and he started transporting not only livestock but also farm supplies and other related stuff to the nearby farms, small towns, and large cities. Over the next five years, he hired some drivers to assist him, opened an office in Virginia to operate from, and named the company Estes Express Lines.

In these nine decades, Estes has grown to be the largest privately held freight carrier in the nation keeping in mind that it started as a one man show.

Estes Division

Estes has a time critical service where they offer guaranteed and time-sensitive service to offer maximum shipping flexibility to its customers. Through this service they ensure that they are punctual when it comes to delivering products. In order to take supply chain of their customers’ business to next level Estes Logistics help create B2B and B2C shipping solutions. For regular pick up and delivery solutions for retail, store to door, and contract deliveries Estes has a specialized truckload and delivery service. Lastly, Estes SureMove is a reliable and cost-efficient option for household goods moving where the customers load their products and Estes’s drivers drive.

Estes Companions

Estes Forwarding Worldwide LLC (EFW) offers innovative and secure solutions to their customers as well as to their industry. Estes Leasing LLC provides cost-efficient and hassle free alternatives for financing and maintenance purposes. Lastly, the Big E transportation is to provide nationwide logistics and dedicated services for home delivery, retail replenishment, and final mile.

Environmental Policies

Estes believes that they have a huge responsibility for conserving the environment while being the largest privately held freight shipping company and providing one of the best transportation services. Estes is one of the first few transportation companies that has joined Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Smartway Transport partnership.

Estes has installed solar power systems in four terminals, and they are heading towards investing more in solar energy as it is nonpolluting and renewable resource contributing towards the betterment f the society and conserving as much energy as possible.

In order to carry out freight as efficiently as possible, Estes uses route planning technology. This helps in minimizing fuel consumption and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. This positively impacts the society and there is relatively less air pollution.

Moreover, to reduce the carbon footprint of the company, Estes has replaced older and less efficient tractors with EPA certified models. By the end of 2018, almost 70% of the Estes’s fleets were 4 years old or relatively new.

There are multiple ways to conserve natural resources. Some of the ways that Estes uses are recycling water as well as metal; instead of using traditional shop cloths, they use biodegradable, paper based clean up sheets; Estes repairs units with refurbished parts and components whenever it is possible; the LED lighting used in Estes’s units is long lasting; they repurpose cardboard and pallets; they recap tires; and conserve paper by providing paperless e-commerce solutions to the customers.

In order to keep harmful pollutants out of the air and groundwater Estes uses nonhazardous cleaning material; minimize discharge to sewer systems by using wash systems that have oil water separators; Estes uses refrigerant capture systems to make sure that Freon and other harmful refrigerants are disposed off in an environment friendly manner; Estes uses self-contained sinks to wash parts of vehicles; to collect acids and other harmful chemicals from effecting the environment Estes has designed battery storage racks that collects such harmful material; standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes that carry disease-causing viruses therefore, mounted wheels are installed to eliminate standing water.

Company causes

Estes finds it absolutely necessary to give back to the communities they serve. Their company and their employees have devoted a lot of their time and resources over the years to multiple cause. Nearly 100 Estes employees travelled to Puerto Rico to help the people residing there after Hurricane Maria hit in 2017. The employees used to assist with recovery efforts and deliver essential supplies from FEMA warehouses. Many also volunteered to repair children’s home facilities across almost three different communities.

Due to multiple sacrifices made by the military, both men and women in uniform, Estes tries to reciprocate their efforts to the military by supporting military since many years. They deliver care packages and supplies to active members serving their duty in combat and disaster-relief zones. Every holiday season Estes supports Wreath across America by delivering fresh and green wreaths to the gravesite of martyred veterans.

In 2019, Estes allowed employees to choose 20 different charities and donated $1 million to them. There was a company wide nomination and voting process where employees were asked about causes, they were passionate about and organizations that were close to their heart. Donations were made to those causes and organizations that received the most votes by the employees for example charities that had a mission to support children, senior citizens, health, health, pets, and veterans.

Many employees of Estes choose to celebrate holidays by taking part in Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots program or by adopting a family through the organization Angel tree. Every year, the employees showcase generosity by donating toys, clothes, and supplies for families that can not afford gifts for their loved ones on special occasions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, etcetera.

Quote Estimate

If you are someone who is using Estes for the first time, and you want to ship products within USA, Canada, or Mexico then you might want to know estimate shipping charges. You can get shipping rates as of that date by entering a few information. The information that you are required to enter includes contact name; origin country, zip code, city, state; destination country, zip code, city, state; and commodities where you enter the class, total weight, and description of your parcel that you are planning to ship.

This is a very helpful tool as before placing your order with Estes you will know the estimate charges of your shipment delivery. Customers will be mentally prepared for the charges and will proceed with the delivery system only if they find the charges feasible.

It prevents customers from a shock that might come in case they do not know the charges beforehand, place the order, and get to know after they have placed their shipment order. Customers like to plan their finances beforehand and make calculated decisions which the quote estimate facility of Estes makes it easy to do so.

Billing and invoices

The easiest way to view your open invoices is by logging in to My Estes and then visit the tab of invoice inquiry. Through the tab/ application of invoice inquiry you can see your open invoices or make full or partial payments via automated bank draft. You can also search individual invoices by PRO, Purchase Order, Bill of Lading, and Statement numbers, not only that but you can also search individual invoices by entering their specific amounts.

Estes can provide invoices in paper as well as .pdf formats and via EDI too. You need to fill a form through which you can choose the option of receiving paperless .pdf invoices, bills of lading, and delivery receipts. Whichever option you choose will then be emailed to you on the email address that you have provided to Estes. It is important that in order to receive paperless invoices Estes’s email address is in your safe senders list so that the invoices are not routed to your junk folder or blocked by spam filter. All invoices that you will receive via email that is the paperless invoice will be in .pdf format.

In case you notice a rating or billing discrepancy, you can fill an application of rating and billing discrepancies which will allow you upload rating and/ or discrepancies along with supporting documents, images, and Excel spreadsheets. To avail all the features, you will have to login or sign up to My Estes account.


To file a claim for either lost or damages parcel, you can log in to your My Estes account and fill out an online application under the tab that is known as ‘Claims page’. A blank, downloadable form can also be used to file the claim that will be faxed or mail to Estes’s address.

The claims are usually concluded within 30 days of it being filed but some claims needed to be investigated more due to some reasons so that might prolong the process by a few more days. To prevent you from the wait of getting your claim approved, Estes provides its customers with a platform through which they can check the status of their claim. The status of claim is easily accessible by logging in to My Estes and then clicking on the ‘check the status of your online claim’ tab.

Claims can be filed within nine months of the date of delivery and after that your requests of any sort of claims will not be catered by Estes. So, make sure that you are not late or else you will then be stuck with your damage parcel.

Estes Express Tracking

The delivery time of Estes is the estimated period required to deliver an item from the location where the delivery is originated to the destination point. The time of delivery can be approximated by the distance between the two regions. In order to prevent the customers from unnecessarily waiting Estes’s website has a shipping time calculator which provides the customers with an estimate delivery time when they enter the origin address and destination address of the item that is supposed to be shipped using Estes’s delivery.

In unattended delivery, the shipment will be delivered to your desired shipment location without the requirement of the recipient to be present at the time of delivery. It will not even require a signature on the receipt of the delivery.

estes tracking

Estes can pick up and deliver in residential areas, but additional charges will be applied for this service. Additional charges are because additional manpower and time is being required from pickup up and/ or delivering the order from a residential area. Sometimes additional equipment is also required for this purpose. But if you wan the convenience, then paying an extra fee should not be a problem as it compensates for the hassle you might have to go through otherwise.

Business Hours and Holiday schedule

Estes’s hours of operation are between 8:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday Eastern Standard time. These days are exclusive of any holidays as Estes does not operate on holidays. Pick up and delivery days and timings can be affected due to holidays so in case there is a holiday coming in between you should add an extra day to the usual transit time.

Estes Tracking

By using Estes’s online shipment tracking application customers can easily track their shipment with just a tap of few fingers or a few clicks through any device whether it is their mobile or laptop or personal computers. Customers will be required to enter their PRO number and they will get a detailed, real time shipment updates. This facility will also include estimated delivery time and stop away notifications.

Estes provides more information and details to its customers who have logged into My Estes account. They will see estimated delivery time, order history, real time update but along with that they will also get images of their document, financial information, and details of the consignee.

Multiple reference numbers can be used for the purpose of Estes tracking. You can use PRO, Bill of Lading, Pick up request, interline PRO, Load Order, or Purchase order.

Logging in to My Estes account will provide the users with details itinerary of the package and tracking details as well. With the recent update you can see frequent updates throughout your freight’s journey. These frequent updates include the date and time at which your order was dispatched, with the carrier, or delivered to you.

Estes Freight Tracking

The My Estes account also has a bar that shows visual progress. This means that important shipping milestones are signified on the bar and can be seen in real time. Once your shipment is out from the facility of Estes for delivery there are updates of ‘Stop away’ information and an ‘Estimated Time of Arrival’.

All of these facilities are available fr the feasibility of customers so that they are at peace while placing their order as they will get frequent updates of their order. The tracking facility keeps the customers at peace and provide them transparency over the entire delivery process. It also gives the customers control over the delivery process as they can see real time progress of their shipment.

Estes Express Lines Tracking

Now a days there is a large volume of orders being observed by the shipping industry therefore, to prevent the customers from an unnecessary wait. Delays in deliveries are expected and because of that reason Estes provides with an estimate delivery time for less than truckload (LTL) shipments and estimated delivery date range of up to five business days for Final Mile home deliveries. This is only provided wo that the customers know beforehand when they will receive their order and place their order with Estes only if they are satisfied with the estimate delivery time being provided by Estes. It is still recommended for customers to keep checking their Estes express tracking to receive the most recent updates.

For LTL the estimated delivery date will be accessible by the customers from the time the shipment is picked up to the time the shipment is delivered to the recipient. On the other hand, Final Mile’s estimated delivery range of up to five days is visible to the customers but it will change to a single estimated delivery date once the shipment is dispatched and is out for delivery.

Bill of Lading (BOL)

Bill of lading (BOL) is a legal document that transfers the responsibility of your freight to Estes throughout the shipping journey of the order. BOL is required and is important because it makes sure that your freight is routed and transported not only legally but also quickly and efficiently without any obstacles and hassle free for the customers. It is the responsibility of the shipper to read and understand rules, regulations, contracts valid as of the date of the shipment.

VICS BOL is important for the retail industry as it makes sure that shippers, carriers, and customers have all the necessary information that will be required to move the products throughout the supply chain from one end to the other that is from the point of origin to the point of destination.

BOL in My Estes can be created by going o the customer portal of My Estes and clicking on ‘Start Request’ button which is available under the tab of ‘Create a Bill of landing’. Unlike, traditional BOL you will be able to access convenient options and features. You will have the authority to schedule a pick up request according to your feasibility and availability withing the application of BOL, you can easily and quickly print shipping labels preventing you from all the hassle that you might have to go through otherwise, you can opt to receive email notifications in order to get frequent updates regarding the entire process, and for future shipments you have the facility to save your existing BOL as a template; this way you will not have to create a new BOL every time and you can easily use the previous one preventing you from wasting your time on creating a new one.

Contact Details:

You can Contact Estes Customer Care team via email or phone at 1-866-378-3748. Representatives are available Monday to Friday, from 8:00am to 6:00pm, Eastern Standard Time.

Office location: 3901 West Broad Street

Richmond, VA 23230

Postal address:

P.O. Box 25612

Richmond, VA 2326