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Overview of Estonia Post

Estonia post is also known as Omniva. It is a national postal and courier service in Estonia. It came into existence in the year 1991 and its main purpose is to take care of all the deliveries of letters as well as parcels.

Estonia Post is headquartered in Tallinn and has around 400 postal offices all over Estonia. The reason behind such a large number of branches is to be able to a large customer base that is constantly expanding and to be able to cater to the ever changing and varying needs of customers.

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For individuals, Estonia Post office tracking also has Estonia mail service through which people can send their letters as well as parcels to others. For legal entities, Estonia Post provides logistical services where it takes care of all the logistics and demands of a legal enterprise.

Even though based totally in Estonia, Estonia Post also provides services internationally. This means that people living in Estonia can send their parcels and letters to people all across the globe.

Traditionally the company used to provide postal services only hence the name Estonia post, but ever since they have started expanding they have started providing logistical services to companies not only locally but also internationally.

Estonia Post Tracking

A customer’s trust in the courier company increases as a customer is more aware of the process of delivery. Keeping that in mind the company introduced Estonia Post tracking through which customers can access multiple information regarding their package.

Estonia package tracking facility can be obtained by entering the tracking number in the text box under the ‘track’ tab on their website. You can get to know various steps in the delivery process and can trace the package with just a few clicks.

estonia post tracking

You can get to know the tentative date and time of delivery so that the recipient knows when to expect their parcel. In this way they can be available at the time of delivery and receive it. Sender will also not have to go through unnecessary hassle of worrying about the package.

Moreover, customers can see the order status using Estonia shipping tracking facility. This order status includes a detailed order itinerary where customers can see the date and time at which their package was at multiple locations. Customers can also see the current location of their package.

Estonia post tracking gives comfort to customers in a way that they do not have to worry about their package going missing nor do they have to worry about it being late. Even if it does get late, through tracking facilities customers can easily get to know about it beforehand.

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The entire tracking facility is to increase customer’s reliance on the courier company as customers are getting transparency in a way that nothing is hidden from them. Customers are also getting a control over the entire delivery system as they are aware of each and every step in the delivery process from warehouse to delivery.

Customer Service

To get assistance and get all your courier service as well as logistical service queries answered you can contact the customer service of Estonia Post on their hotline number that is +372 661 6616. You can also email them at [email protected].