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Overview of Eva Air Cargo

Eva Air came into existence back in 1989 by Dr. Chang Yung-Fa. He was the chairman of Evergreen Group and wanted to take it to next level by their quality service and timely deliveries thus, Eva Air cargo was introduced.

To take the transportation quality and service to another level, Cr. Chang ordered 26 aircrafts. A new record of safety and quality was set by Eva Air Cargo. It has been in the business for over 30 years and due to the relevant experience, it has gained the award of a 5-star airline with cargo services that too at an international level.

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As the digital era is coming by, Eva Air is digitalizing its routes. Moreover, in 2021, keeping Covid-19 protection in mind, they evaluate health certificates of customers using a digital platform that costs the company as well as customers less time.

Eva Air Cargo also transports packages that require specialized handling. They transport dangerous as well as fragile goods that require extra care. They give the environment and temperature setting required to transport such goods. Moreover, it also takes care of transportation of live animals by following certain protocols.

Eva Air Cargo Tracking

A customer relies on a company’s tracking facility as it increases their belief and trust on the company. To retain the customer base, companies provide customers with tracking facilities through which customers have maximum access to information regarding their shipment.

Eva Air Cargo tracking can be accessed using a tracking number provided to customers at the time of booking their order. This tracking number is input in a text box under the ‘track’ tab on the Eva Air website.

eva air cargo tracking

Eva express cargo tracking will give you information regarding the tentative date and time of delivery so that the recipient can eb available at the time of delivery. It is also important as recipient can make any necessary arrangements required.

Eva air tracking also provides customers with an order history through which they can trace each and every move of their order. Customers are updated with the location of their package after every few hours along with the date and time at which the order was at that particular location.

The entire tracking facility gives customers a stress free experience with the company as they do not have to worry about their order being misplaced. In case the order is running late, customers are informed about it beforehand so that they do not worry about it and make any necessary alternatives in case of emergency.

Tracking facility gives customers a control over the entire delivery system as they are aware of every move of the package in the delivery cycle from warehouse to delivery. It gives customers transparency as nothing is ever hidden from them.

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Eva Air Customer Service

For any queries or assistance, Eva Air customer service team is readily accessible on multiple platforms. They can be reached out by going to the ‘contact us’ tab on the Eva Air website and you can write to them by entering some of your personal information.

They have different contact details for each city they have their services in. You can enter the name of the city and get the relevant details. Customer service team of Dubai can be reached out in the following ways:

Reservation/Ticketing Hotline: +971 4 3934555

Reservation Fax No.: +971 4 3938261

Ticketing Fax No.: +971 4 3938261

Hotline Open Hours: 8AM TO 5PM

Ticketing counter Address: Green Emirates Shipping Tower Meena Road Bur Dubai Dubai UAE

Ticketing counter Fax No.: +971 4 3938261

Ticketing counter Open Hours: 8AM TO 5PM