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Evergreen Cargo Ship

Evergreen was established in 1968 by Dr. Yung-Fa Chang. Ever since it has secured its place in the shipping industry. They have not just survived but become market leaders due to their constant hard work and perseverance. Due to the large magnitude of its fleets and cargo loading capacity to facilitate as many customers as possible it has secured its position of being one of the best international shipping companies.

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All of this success did not hit evergreen overnight. In 1975 energy crisis hit the world and shipping industry hit a rock bottom. That is when they thought out of the box to come out of this crisis and launched their containership project. The newly built fleet of containerships were used to provide container services for routes that linked Far East with US West Coast.

In 1984, Evergreen Marine Corporation further made a pioneering move by launching east-west container services across the world. Now their ships sailed to transport products not only in the USA but also throughout the continents of Asia, Europe, and Americas.

Evergreen Marine Corporation now has 315 service locations and cover 114 countries through their shipping network. Through their vast network they can transport goods in various countries thus, facilitating a lot of customers.

Evergreen Container Tracking

The demand of raw and fresh goods throughout the world has considerably increased. To cater to this growing global demand, Evergreen Marine Corporation computer-controlled reefer containers that they have recently installed which ensures that such goods that are perishable are internationally transported safely.

Evergreen has always strived to be at the fore front of technology and therefore, they have launched numerous e-business services that combines information from all the service sites of evergreen along with the information of suppliers. They also have an electronic sailing schedule which makes it easy for customers to schedule the date and time of services along with departure and arrival location.

Evergreen Tracking

Evergreen has a cargo tracking system on their website which gives customers real time information about their shipment. Customers are supposed to enter their bill of lading number which they would have received at the time of booking their order. They will then be provided with their tracking status.

Evergreen tracking provides customers the tentative date and time by which their package will reach them. This facility prevents customers from unnecessarily waiting and worrying about their package. It also makes it easy for customers in a way that they will be available at the time the package is expected to reach them.

evergreen tracking

Moreover, Evergreen line tracking also provides customers with order history. Order history is basically the itinerary of your order. It tells where in the delivery cycle your package is at the moment. It also tells at what time your order left the warehouse of Evergreen, at what time it was shipped, and at what time it will reach to you.

The entire tracking facility makes it easy for customers as they it gives them the control over the entire delivery process. It also provides transparency to customers and keeps them at peace.

Customer Support

You can contact the team of Evergreen by entering your personal details and your message under the tab of ‘contact us’. Someone from their customer support team will then reach out to you to answer your query.

If you are not able to contact them please see contact forms on their official site.