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Flipkart’s supplier chain is empowered to improve global forest protection thanks to its cooperation with Canopy. Flipkart is helping to save the planet’s historic and threatened forests by using healthy forest-derived products practices. They are dedicated to a long-term future. To enhance the society’s moral, economic, and ecological well-being, they want to build and support vibrant and sustainable Flipkart communities, leaving a net zero ecological impact, and encourage sustainably derived goods and processes.

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Flipkart established Project Vividtha in the year 2017 to encourage women to participate actively in the supply chain. Women are now engaged in a variety of tasks, including sorting, transportation, shipping inspections, security, and more, resulting in an inclusive as well as empowering workplace. These outstanding women provide enthusiasm, ambition, drive, and meaning to their employment, while Flipkart drives their professional dreams. Most of the women are the youngest in their family to work in supply chains, making India’s supply chain legacy. Theirs is a tale of acceptance, equal opportunity, aspirations, and achievement.

Flipkart Tracking

Tracking is an important tool for a courier business as it provides its clients with number of information related to their package. If a courier company does not have a tracking tool which does not keep the client updated that is a very negative point for the business and affects the customer base.

Track & Trace, often known as supply chain transparency, is becoming increasingly important for all logistics providers. It makes it easier to locate, track, and gather data from all logistical activities in the supply chain. A comprehensive Track & Trace tool increases efficiency of the supply chain, saves money and time, adds long-term value, and increases customer satisfaction.

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That’s why flipkart tracking tool enables its client flipkart tracking online in which clients make use of flipkart track order tool to follow their shipment. Every tracking item (raw material or final products) will be allocated a unique barcode and kept in the database when Track or Trace is used in production. When an object moves through a step such as packaging, palletizing or loading, it is added a unique barcode then updated in the system, which is then communicated to customers in the form of flipkart order status.

Before shipment, they may ensure that all relevant things are present on the vehicle. They know if the items will be delivered in appropriate volumes and on schedule to their destination. Customers can respond quickly in the event of an emergency if they can see their order is taking too long, they can either talk to the company or arrange another option, guaranteeing a smooth transportation procedure.

Clients would have the utmost correct information regarding their deliveries anytime, everywhere, thanks to the Flipkart order tracking online Track or Trace tool, strengthening customer base, boosting visibility, optimizing operational excellence, and improving client happiness.

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Go to the Flipkart Support Centre, you will get customer service 24 hours a day,   Any question or concern you might have when buying on Flipkart will be addressed here.