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If you have sent a parcel through Flydubai, and wish to know the status, Enter the Flydubai Cargo Tracking number above to find out.

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Overview of Flydubai Cargo

Flydubai came into existence in the year 2009 where its entire purpose was to connect people through travel therefore, they totally invested all their time into making travel easier for people. As of today, flydubai flies its aircrafts to 90 destinations and the count keeps increasing.

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Flydubai has its own cargo services through which you can send your valuable items, live animals, dangerous items, etcetera through Flydubai to one of the 90 destinations it flies its aircrafts in.

Through general cargo services, customers can send any type of good with all the services starting from warehouse storage facilities to delivering the goods to the recipient. All the standard operating protocols are taken cared of by the team of Flydubai. For urgent needs, Flydubai has a priority cargo.

Goods such as explosives, toxic substances, radioactive materials, etcetera that are all categorized as dangerous goods are also transported by Flydubai. They take care of all the necessary requirements such as the safety of the goods to ensure efficient transportation.

Flydubai also provides temperature controlled aircrafts for the varying needs of customers. Such specialized cargo needs are for perishable goods that need extra care and protocols. Flydubai makes sure that it takes care of the safety and efficiency of the cargo.

flydubai cargo tracking

Flydubai Cargo Tracking

Flydubai cargo tracking’s entire purpose is for customers to be stress free and trust the entire transport process of the company. Therefore, to build that trust, Flydubai gives customers the authority to trace each and every move of their shipment.

The flydubai cargo awb tracking number is provided at the time you book your shipment with the company. It is provided to you along with your receipt. You need to enter the tracking number in the text box under the ‘track’ tab on their website and get access to all the necessary information.

Through flydubai baggage tracking, you can get to know the tentative date and time of delivery so that you know when to expect your shipment to be delivered. It also makes it easy for the recipient to be available and make any necessary arrangements required for the flydubai tracking shipment.

Moreover, flydubai tracking also gives customers a detailed itinerary of their order through which customers get to know where in the delivery cycle their shipment is at that moment. Customers also get to know the date and time at which their package was at different locations from warehouse to delivery.

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In case your package is running late, through the flydubai tracking facility you will be informed about it beforehand so that you do not worry about it. It also prevents customers from any sort of uncertainty. Moreover, customers do not have to fear about their shipment being missing.

Customer Service

Customer service representatives of Flydubai can be reached out through their customer centers in multiple countries. Ideally, the customer center in UAE should be called for local charges and for international charges and queries customer center outside UAE should be contacted to facilitate you.


(+971) 600 54 44 45


(+92) 21 111 225 539


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