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What is western flyer express?

Western flyer express is here to cater any of your shipping needs. If you want a parcel to be delivered to your aunt across the country, western flyer express is the best bet for you as it can ship your package with the help of their drivers and trucks.

 It is not only for small packages but also for companies that require large shipments or industries that need raw materials to be delivered via a flatbed.  The drivers at western flyer express have a minimum of 18 months experience and the trailers and tractors are no older than 8 or 4 years, respectively.

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This means that you need not worry about your package being misplaced because its in the hands of some very experienced people and their entire purpose is to ensure a smooth experience for you.


Western flyer express has a mission to provide satisfaction to their customers whenever they choose to use western flyer express’s services. With their highly skilled drivers they want their customers to have the best experience without any setbacks or fears of losing the parcel or it being delayed when you need it urgently.

When customers are trusting them with their parcels which can have something of true importance for their friends and family, they expect that it is taken extra care of. For that, western flyer express has separate lanes to ensure safety of the parcels. This is also very useful for the companies and industries that are using western flyer express services.

Their reefers, flatbeds, heavy haul, and vans can handle any type of shipment whether its heavy or fragile. All sorts of parcels can be sent using western flyer express due to the large variety of vehicles they have to cater the needs of their customers.


On the website of western flyer express there are a few tabs like fleets and equipment where you can access the several products western flyer express has to offer.

The fleets tab includes a few types: first one is dry van which serves several Fortune 500 companies by delivering their products. The second one that is refrigerated is used to transport goods in a temperature-controlled environment. There are certain packages that require to be sent at a certain temperature and that need is fulfilled by their refrigerated vehicles.

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Next is flatbed which is used to transport goods at an industrial level. This includes all kinds of raw materials for industries as well as finished good. I-40 and below is for the southern sun belt region from east to west coast. Other fleets include energy and end dump.

The equipment tab consists of different equipment offered by western flyer express along with the pictures of their interior for you to see the professionalism with which your goods are transported.


Western flyer express services include delivering packages across the United States of America. Drivers and contractors are offered with regional, local, dedicated, and OTR lanes. Their tractors and trailers are well equipped to transport customers’ parcels and packages.

As you open the services page on their website you will see a list of things western flyer express offers. Their driver hiring process is one of the best as they want to ensure their drivers are experienced and have the skills to transport customer’s belongings.

Their fleets are fuel-efficient which is not only cost effective but also contributes towards the betterment of the environment. They are e-log compliant which means that it is easy for drivers to keep a track of their hours, it is used for scheduling maintenance of vehicles, and keeping a log of parcels.


If you’re a company that has placed a huge order, an industrialist who needs raw materials, or just an ordinary person who needs to get their parcel delivered to someone then western flyer express provides an efficient delivery system to cater your needs.

Their experienced drivers and carefully inspected vehicles are to ensure a robust delivery system for the satisfaction of their customers.

Western Flyer Tracking

If you are curious to know the date and time at which you will receive your package, or your package will be delivered to the other person so that you or the other person can be available at that moment then you need not worry because with flyer tracking you can track your order and know when it will be delivered.

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At the time of confirming your order you will receive a receipt that will consist of all the details about your parcel, amount, and address. That receipt consists of a tracking number as well that you can use to track the date and time your package will be delivered.

Western Flyer Express order status

With western flyer express you can not only track the day and time the parcel will be delivered but you can also get to know your order status. The entire delivery cycle is updated from time to time so, you will know whether your parcel is checked out, in the stock to be delivered, or in the delivery truck.

This is extremely useful for the buyers because it gives them maximum transparency and control of the entire delivery process. Western flyer express gives easy access to track the entire delivery process so that you can feel at peace without worrying that it might be lost. You will also know beforehand in case it gets delayed so that you can be prepared for it.

Final Verdict

To get in touch with western flyer express you can go to the contact tab on their website where you can fill a form asking about your details and write your message. Their team will contact you with your answer.

To get in touch with the sales team you can email at

[email protected]

Their contact number is below for you to directly get in touch with them:

(405) 946-7289

For load tracking you can get in touch with them via below mentioned emails:

[email protected]

[email protected]