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Forward Air Freight

Forward Air is a market leader when it comes to providing ground transportation and logistic services in North America. They differentiate themselves based on providing time specific deliveries. They make sure your cargo reaches the destination in time. Forward Air not only provides timely delivery but also cost effective.

To meet the needs of customers, Forward Air has various services such as truckload services, airline logistics program, and final-mile coverage. They plan on expanding their services further to cater more customers and their needs.

Forward Air covers many areas and provides convenient services by maintaining a scheduled transportation network that they follow no matter what happens. Due to which they can provide on time and damage free deliveries.

Forward Air Tracking

Tracking is one of the most important things when it comes to cargo shipping as no one likes unnecessary waiting or any sort of uncertainty. To provide you from uncertainty regarding your shipment, Forward Air provides tracking services.

At the time of booking your order, Forward Air provides you with a reference number that can be used to track your order. You can enter that reference number under ‘FAST track’ tab on their website to get updates.

forward air tracking

Through faa tracking number you can get a plethora of information regarding your cargo. It provides you with a tentative date and time by which your order will reach its destination. It makes it easy for the recipient to keep themselves available at the time of package delivery and make any necessary requirements needed for it.

Along with the tentative date and time for delivery, Forward Air tracking also provides necessary details regarding your order status. This means you get frequent updates of where in the delivery cycle your package is at that particular moment. It gives a date and time at which the cargo was received by Forward Air, date and time it left for shipment, and date and time when it was in transit.

With one reference number you can avail multiple facilities such as knowing the tentative date and time of delivery or knowing about the order history.

The entire Forward Air tracking process is to keep the customers at peace and prevent them from unnecessarily worrying about their package. It also gives customers a control over their delivery process along with transparency. In this way nothing is hidden from the customer, and they are aware of all the details regarding their shipment.

Forward Air Locations

You can get in touch with the team of Forward Air through the following corporate address and corporate mailing address:

Corporate Address

Forward Air
1915 Snapps Ferry Rd., Building N
Greeneville, TN 37745

Corporate Mailing Address

Forward Air
PO Box 1058 
Greeneville, TN 37744-1058