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Overview of global cargo movers

Global cargo movers LLC is a company established in 2008. Their main purpose is to make it convenient for Filipinos to send their balikbayan boxes to their relatives all the way to Philippines. They want their service to be cost effective so that customers do not feel that they were ripped by the overpriced rates and can send their parcels to their loved ones in a safe and secure way.

Global cargo movers have now established themselves as leaders in the industry with a client database of over 15,000 in the East coast. They are continuously growing and expanding their services throughout the United States of America to facilitate as many Filipinos as they can all over the country.  


Global cargo mover’s mission is to prevent people from paying overpriced rates that competitors are asking for by feeling safe and secure in sending their parcels to their loved ones across the world in Philippines.

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Gaining the satisfaction of customers and value from them is very vital for global cargo movers therefore, they tend to go out of their way to facilitate their customers and stay in line with their mission of making customers feel safe while sending their packages via them.

Why choose global cargo movers?

Global cargo movers are one of the leaders in the market due to the entirely smooth experience that they provide. They provide security by securing boxes of customers with nylon straps so that none of the boxes can be tampered. Global cargo movers also provide speed when it comes to delivering packages. The boxes are not only delivered quickly but also safely by their delivery crew.

Moreover, global cargo movers have a 24-hour, 6 days helpline in Philippines for clients to call them for contact support at any time in the day and they will be facilitated from Monday to Saturday. Global cargo movers also take professionalism into consideration because they are the licensed consolidators and NVOCC/ Freight Forwarders.

Pricing is something global cargo movers take very seriously. They do not want to create a hole in the pocket of their customers therefore, they provide the most affordable prices in comparison to their competitors.

global cargo movers tracking

Furthermore, they have now started working on a bigger scale due to which they now ship 5 to 7 containers daily as the number of customers have increased significantly so, to facilitate as many as they can they have increased the number of containers.

Lastly, global cargo movers consider their customers as family because they realize how important the package is to the sender as well as the receiver due to the emotional significance and attachment that the package might have.


To fulfill their mission of delivering balikbayan boxes to people’s loved ones in Philippines, global cargo movers have a delivery system to ensure efficient and timely delivery of the packages.

To cater the large demand of package delivery, global cargo movers ship one to two times per week. For the feasibility of recipients, they deliver the boxes from door to door preventing them from the hassle. They do not only offer drop off system of packages, but also their pickup so that you do not even have to go and get the parcel and leave the comfort of your home.

To get an empty box from global cargo movers you will have to pay $5 and charges for drop off are $55, way less than that of competitors. In case you do not want to spend on getting an empty box from global cargo movers, you can use any competitor’s box and they will accept it. For your feasibility, they even accept boxes that are in odd or irregular sizes.

Global cargo movers tracking

The moment you hit that button of checkout you start worrying about the date and time your package will be delivered to the recipient or if you are a recipient then you start anticipating the package sent by your loved one.

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To solve that curiosity, global cargo movers provide you with a document number and a global cargo tracking number, when you place your order. This is along with all the billing method details, billing, and shipping address.

The global movers tracking number will give you all the details about when the parcel will reach the recipient so that you do not have to worry and ask the recipient every other day whether they received the package or not. Just by one click from your home via your device you will get all the details.

Global cargo movers order status

Using the same document number that you used to track your order you can also check the order status of your package. In case you thought that your package might be lost, then you do not have to worry because with the help of global cargo movers’ order status facility you can get to know the current location of your package.

The order status gives the details of loading date that is the date when the box was loaded in the container in USA, estimated date of arrival of the box at port of Cebu/Manila, shipping line status which tells whether the package is delayed, on time, or early. You then get the details of the date your box was arrived at the port and the name of the consignee who received it along with the date.

Finally, you get to see the date at which your box arrived at the warehouse and status of the box whether it is incoming from the port, in transit which means it is in route for delivery from warehouse or delivered to the recipient.

Contact Support

To contact the team of global cargo movers, you can go to their contact us tab and write your name, email, and message with your query. Within a few hours their team will get back to you with the answer. You can also get in touch with them on the following number and address:


72 S. Washington Avenue Bergenfield, NJ 07621 US

+1.2013846300 / 2013846301