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If you have a parcel with Gulf Air, and wish to know it’s details, Simply enter the Gulf Air Tracking number above to find it out.

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Overview of Gulf Air Cargo

Gulf Air introduced its own cargo service by the name Falcon Cargo that is based in Bahrain. It provides cargo services outside of its main hub that is Bahrain International Airport as well. The freight network covers all of the middle east, Indian subcontinent, Europe, far east, and nearby areas.

Gulf Air makes sure that all the cargo they have been assigned by customers are handled with utmost care. They treat the shipment as their own due to which they go over and above to provide safety and security to your orders. They make sure that the shipment is not only smooth but also timely.

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The size or nature of the cargo is of no importance to Gulf Air as their main purpose is to get your cargo delivered no matter the size, shape, or nature of the goods. They have been serving customers since more than 60 years and customers have never faced disappointment from them.

It is due to the Gulf Air cargo services that link between Bahrain with middle east countries, European countries, Indian subcontinent, and nearby areas has been established. The cargo facility of Gulf Air works 24 hours to cater the high and varying demand of customers.

Gulf Air Cargo Tracking

For customers to be at peace and be relaxed instead of worrying about there shipment, Gulf Air came up with Gulf Air Cargo tracking through which people can trace their shipments and get access to all information regarding their orders.

Gulf air tracking can be accessed using a tracking number provided to customers with their receipt at the time of booking their orders. You need to enter the Gulf Air cargo tracking number in the text box under the ‘track’ tab on their website.

gulf air tracking

Gulf air baggage tracking provides customers with an expected date and time of delivery which makes it easy for customers as they do not have to unnecessarily wait for their package. It also makes the customers aware in a way that they know when they have to be available to receive the package. Customers can also make any necessary arrangements in order to receive their package.

Through gulf air live tracking customers can also get to know the order history. This tells a detailed itinerary of your package. Along with that you get to know where in the delivery cycle from warehouse to delivery your parcel is at that particular moment. You also get to know the date and time at which your shipment was at different locations.

Through the gulf air tracking facilities, customers are informed beforehand in case their order is running late so that they do not assume and stress about their package going missing. Customers have full control over the delivery system as they are aware of all the developments taking place in the delivery process.

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Customer Service

You can access basic FAQs under the ‘contact us’ tab on Gulf Air Cargo’s website to get your queries answered. In case that still does not answer your query, you can always reach out to their customer support team for all your queries and assistance.

For all the cargo related queries you can reach out to their team using following details

Telephone number: 17338216

Email: [email protected]