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Call Hammacher Schlemmer Toll-Free 1-800-321-1484 to speak with a Hammacher Schlemmer associate for assistance. The timings are Monday-Friday 8am – 11pm EST and Saturday-Sunday 8am – 8pm EST.


Email Customer Service at [email protected] and they will strive to reply within 24 hours.


In today’s times, when catalog companies which also provide intricate unique gifts are slowly going out of work, the example of Hammacher Schlemmer presents a fresh perspective to this market. Essentially, Hammacher Schlemmer is an American catalog retailer which is based in US, Illinois and is one of the longest catalog-selling companies in the US, operating for the past 137 years.

Through Hammacher Schlemmer you can get your hands on the best gifts, home-décor, travel, and holiday stuff, without worrying or you can simply choose the catalog and purchase the materials featured in that.

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 Either way, it calls for minimal hassle and excellent products. Hammacher Schlemmer truly gained hype by its company catalog, which it continues till this day, but before this got all the buzz because of selling eccentric products, which included an innovative collection of hardware, apparel, home and office, leisure and sports, and personal care goods, each one of these categories being as unique as the other.


The mission by which Hammacher Schlemmer truly stands by is of enhancing their customers lives by bringing products which aim to solve the problems they might face or further ameliorate their lifestyle. Furthermore, their mission includes providing the best products thus there is no need for comparability.

Alongside that, they also have the information for why their products are truly the best, making them the number one brand for catalog. Their mission overall simply focuses on bringing uniqueness to the life of their buyers while also delivering the best products, which is a win.

Hammacher Schlemmer Tracking

In today’s times, delivery services are one of the most crucial steps of pleasing your customers which is why it is getting increasingly important to have effective delivery service. This also comes with instant tracking of products so that your clients are never disturbed and can easily check when their product might be delivered to their doorstep.

hammacher schlemmer order status

The Hammacher Schlemmer Tracking System is highly efficient and allows you to easily see where your product is and gives prompt replies to emails and calls as well.

It is also important to remember that Hammacher Schlemmer only delivers in US and Canada. Online tracking facility is available for all the orders placed through the Hammacher Schlemmer website, phone, and email.

Hammacher Schlemmer Order Status

 To track your order all, you need to do is enter your order number and billing zip code or postal code below. These two are the required fields and must be filled to receive accurate information. Moreover, for Canadian citizens who have ordered products through this site, they can track their package by calling customer service Monday-Friday from 8am till 11 pm and Saturday Sunday from 8am to 8pm, EST.

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With so many facilities available right on your beck and all, there should be absolutely no worries about the fact that your order will reach you in due time in seamless condition. Alongside that, it is also important to remember that your order information is available on the site 24 hours after the order is placed. Therefore, checking the Hammacher Schlemmer Order Status is no worry at all, and you can easily see the estimated delivery time as well.

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It is Hammacher Schlemmer’s priority that there is no issue as such, but in the case that there might be some issue, Hammacher Schlemmer is easily accessible to everyone and anyone. They can easily help individuals with whatever the problem might be.

It could be a customer service, tech support or even an accessibility issue, thus having all the bases covered and never leaving clients dissatisfied. In order to reach out to their customer service representatives, you can contact them here:


Call us Toll-Free 1-800-321-1484 to speak with a Hammacher Schlemmer associate for assistance Monday-Friday 8am – 11pm EST and Saturday-Sunday 8am – 8pm EST.


Email Customer Service at [email protected] and we’ll strive to reply within 24 hours.


Hammacher Schlemmer

9180 LeSaint Dr.

Fairfield, OH 45014

If you require any kind of Product Help you can reach out to their employees, and they will assist you without any trouble.


Contact a Hammacher Schlemmer technical advisor by emailing [email protected]. An advisor will reach out to you within 24 business hours.

To reach out to their employees in the Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS) you can simply dial #711. This option is available 24/7 for people with hearing or speech disabilities and further assistance is provided for people with visual impairments. This company is indeed inclusive and empathetic towards all groups of customers! https://www.aftership.com/brands/hammacher.com