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International Bridge Inc

International Bridge has provided great quality small-parcel delivery services to a few of the world ‘s leading internet companies since 1999.

International Bridge is changing the small-parcel-shipping framework by facilitating elevated volume shippers, both internationally and domestically, to reach customers effectively and efficiently in all areas of the United States by developing solution focused on consumers who demand minimal or no-cost shipping from the ecommerce providers.

They retain their focus on the three pillars that characterize their organization’s approach as they carry out their plan every day to offer Quality Service providing competitive transit times and appealing pricing.

As numerous as the products they transport and the geographic places from which they originate are their shipping clients, business partners and personnel. They continue to create recommendations for improved small-parcel shipping services and solutions for the high-volume shippers by surrounding themselves with this broad set of people.

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The people’s dedication, as a fundamental pillar in their company strategy, isn’t only about creating a difference in the market. They also want to make a difference by providing solutions that are more environmentally friendly and foster employee participation in the various communities.

They have built cutting-edge technology that tie the consumer, the parcel, and the shipment process together in a genuine time process of interaction to complement their unique delivery approach.

Their technological applications and services have been created with the following features in mind as a core pillar of their business strategy: technical flexibility, parcel visibility, solutions scalability as well as easier integration.

Across their many regional locations, they have on-site technicians that are dedicated to establishing and maintaining the technologies they use on a daily basis. They can respond swiftly when their clients or partners demand technical solutions that improve the delivery process because of their industry knowledge and technology skills.

International Bridge Customer Support shares a similar philosophy that leads their workers and partners to create an outstanding customer experience, from their Customer Satisfaction Team to the warehouse operations personnel and all the way to their tech support team.

This customer support pillar, when joined with their corporate principles, allows you to believe that their daily decisions are made with honesty, humility, and a commitment to doing the correct thing for the customers.

In case of return, In most cases, the international bridge USPS will return a box through the cheapest option, which results in a substantially delayed return procedure. If this return was caused by an error, they recommend contacting the firm where you purchased the item to see if they would reship your order before receiving the returned shipment.

International Bridge Tracking

International Bridge Tracking

If you want to know about the status of your shipment that how far it is or what’s the progress it all can be done in one simple step. You may monitor your order with international bridge by going to their official site and entering your tracking number. You can also check your order status through our system above.

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