International Inbound Express Tracking – Check Status

Want to know about the real-time status of International Inbound Express Tracking? Enter your order tracking code here and you’re just a few steps away to get connected to them. 

International Inbound Courier

International Inbound courier is a Canadian-based company that deals in the shipment of parcels internationally. It specifically works on importing the packages into the country. 

It works on meeting the demands of its customers based on their requirements. For instance, for vendors that want the services at a low cost, the company finds a local courier company who then partners with international companies to get the delivery done. 

Inbound logistics basically deals with the warehousing, transportation, and dissemination of goods that are being imported. An inbound company handles all the supply chain operations of the goods that are brought to the company. 

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The whole shipping process works the same way like if a courier is sent by an outbound courier and is received by an inbound courier, that is another company. And there’s another company involved that is responsible to take care of the final delivery.  

So, if your tracking shows ‘International inbound courier’, you should get that the courier is now handed over to the originating country. All the custom clearance and the import process are being processed by it. All of your overseas couriers are on their way home. 

Processes involved in Inbound Logistics

The inbound processes involve the purchasing of goods first of all. You order the raw material and goods along with your supplier, and then the shipping and freight delivery process is started to reach the next stage. 

After that, when the items are shifted to the warehouse, the teams deployed over there receive them and set them to the inventory storage

international inbound express tracking

Inbound logistics also involves reverse logistics in which all the exchanges and returns from the customers are dealt with on the arrival of fresh shipments. They are then added to the available inventory after the examination. 

At every stage of these processes, the teams of dedicated and efficient workers are working who ensure the inventories and parcels are received and shifted carefully. In order to perform these operations seamlessly, both inbound and outbound companies need to have strong relationships with suppliers and carriers. 

At every step, it is ensured that the freight and couriers are taken well care of in order to keep the system in a flow and to minimize delays. And above all, to provide the customers with a reliable and well-grounded service. 

International Inbound Express Tracking

After you’ve made an order through inbound express, you can easily keep track of your orders to schedule the parcel receiving accordingly. This will not only eliminate the hassle of taking out time from your day-to-day activities to receive your order but will reduce the chances of missing it. 

To get started with your inbound express tracking, all you need to do is paste your order tracking code over here. The tracking code is the system-generated number against your order that you receive after the order confirmation. You get it through an email you may receive after your order is confirmed. 

When you’re done entering the code, click on “track my order”. This will take you to your order with all the relevant details about it within a few seconds. This way, you can get to know about both, your international and as well as domestic order statuses. 

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Inbound allows you to track and trace up to 25 orders at a time. You just need to enter the codes separating them by a comma. 

Keep visiting our page to get real-time updates about your deliveries. In case you face any issues related to your order tracing, get in touch with the official customer support team of International Inbound Express. 


You can opt for inbound courier services to import goods and commodities for your individual use or as an inventory of your business. Choosing a facility that offers you the best quality service and that too at reasonable rates is not to be missed out on at all. 

Furthermore, you can easily track and trace your couriers, packages, and consignments in real-time. That is the easiest way to stay connected with your items and freights until they reach you. And above all, this will make the whole shipment process hassle-free and effortless. 

To get started with tracking and tracing of your freight, paste your inbound courier code here and you’re ready to go. You’ll get all the details about your order within a few seconds. But in case there occurs any error in fetching your order data, make a call to their customer support department at 800-537-8000. They are available to assist you 24/7 throughout the week. 

Otherwise, you can also drop an email to them regarding your queries and complaints at ____ Your concerns will be answered within the next 48 hours.