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Are you here to get to know about your IPS tracking order status? If yes, then you’re just a few steps away from reaching there. Paste your IPS tracking code here and you’re good to go!

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About IPS

International Package Shipping is one of the world’s leading global package shipping companies. IPS offers you the best international shipping service at the most affordable rates. The company is specialized in customer-to-customer order deliveries from the USA to Europe. 

IPS has been leading the international shipping industry for the past 60 years. It’s on the aim to offer its customers high reliability and incredible services at competitive rates. It possesses over 350 authorized franchises across the USA.

The shipping service ensures that the deliveries reach the recipients in a safe and sound way. They are on a mission to keeping up with the reliability they own within the hearts of their customers. 

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Their extended network of trucking, ocean, and air package carriers work efficiently to make sure the couriers stay in good condition throughout the journey. This adds more to the customer’s satisfaction and the value they get using the courier service. 

In addition to carrying packages of up to 150 lbs. Weight, they also deal with transporting heavy goods such as motorbikes, cars, scooters as well as the whole resettlement. 

If you wanna make your package reach multiple international destinations, then head over t IPS. They have wide offerings and shipping options delivering from the USA to all the European countries through air and ocean. 

Moreover, with their highly experienced network of carriers who are well aware of the local markets, you can also deliver your packages directly to the recipient. 

Costs of IPS Parcel Shipping

They have standard fixed charges for a certain weight of packages within a certain range. However, you’ll be charged with some extra bucks if the package exceeds a certain limit of weight or for delivery plans.

ips tracking

You can calculate the cost with the calculator given on their website. Visit the site to get information about the delivery rates and the estimated time of arrival. 

Why Choose IPS?

Using IPS is a perfect option for those who shop online outside the US to get their items safely at their doorsteps. You can use their services to order from any virtual store or auctions like eBay as well. 

As per IPS’ policy, they ship only with the world’s reliable and well-known companies such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL. This way, they ensure on-time and responsible deliveries of your orders. 

Get the packages shipped in little time and in competitive rates from IPS. You can save up to 60% with your shipping costs. They offer discounts as well reason because of their strong relationship with other carriers they are partnered with. 

IPS Tracking

Are you trired of facing the hassle to receive your ordered package when it arrives? This can be a tiring experience especially when you miss your deliveries sometimes due to your day-to-day hectic schedule. And this way, you again have to wait for the order to come back again after a few days. 

To eliminate these kind of unpleasant experiences, IPS has created a tracking system. This will allow you to stay connected to your order in real-time. It’s a better way to know all the details related to your package including its location and the stage of the delivery process it’s in. 

This is of great help for you to manage your deliveries and receiving them in a more organized and pre-scheduled way. Moreover, you’ll be able to follow the route of your package until it reaches its destination. 

How To Track the order?

To get started with your IPS tracking, type your order tracking number in the search section and hit ‘Track my Order’. The system will take you to all the relevant details about your order. 

Now if you’re using a courier service for the first time, you must be wondering where do I get the order tracking number from? The time when you confirm your order, you receive a confirmation email containing the details about the order including the tracking code. You can get it from your email box to track and trace your courier. 

After you have got the code, you’re almost there. It will take just a few seconds to process the information and retrieve the data. This way, you can stay at ease knowing all about your order and its arrival details. 

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You’ll get to know whether your freight is still stored in the warehouse or has left it for shipment or delivery. 

These delivery tracking methods have revolutionized the way people take courier services. Unlike before, now every process is pretty much transparent and easy to track, adding more to the ‘world as a global village’. 

Final Verdict

IPS offers great and innovative delivery solutions globally for individual services or for your businesses. The well-grounded business processes integrated with excellent technology play a key role in the efficient flow of operations. Furthermore, their competent and well-trained teams are considered as one of the core competencies of the company. 

You can unhesitantly opt for their facilities to get benefited in terms of cost-effectiveness and the quality of courier services they’re offering to their customers. The customer’s satisfaction is the aim they’re having in the head while serving the masses out there. 

In order to track and trace your IPS order, paste the tracking code in the search bar. In case you face any issue in knowing your order status, try to call the customer support representative of IPS at the number (413) 693 0065. The company’s representatives are always there to assist you with your queries during weekdays. 

Choosing IPS means opting for reliability, great dealings, and quality courier and freight service. 

Or else, you can also email them at [email protected], they try to respond within 48 hours after receiving the email. 

To can also keep visiting their website https://www.internationalpackageshipping.com/en/index to stay updated and connected with their new services and promotions!

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