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Overview of iShip

iShip became one of the most popular brands in the world when UPS contracted them to develop their UPS Online Professional. iShip is known for shipping software packages all over the world. Annually they are responsible for shipping more than 1 billion packages per year.

The team behind wanted to revolutionize the online marketplace in terms of shipping. After purchased, they became the market leaders of internet-based mailing and shipping services.

Moreover, to meet the needs of a larger audience, iShip is continuing to develop multicarrier solutions that are customizable. These include mobile options as well as unique reverse logistics technology.


iShip’s mission is to help people make smart shipping decisions conveniently through their Internet-based, multi-carrier shipping services. Through iShip it is easy for shippers to compare rates and services among multiple carriers to decide which carrier they want to go for, DHL, UPS, or US Postal Service. iShip gives its customer’s the authority to choose their carrier for their own satisfaction.

iShip has been adamant to stay in line with its mission because their services make it easy for people to price, ship, track, and manage shipments. With the advancement in technology everything is a few clicks away and so are iShip’s services that you can avail all with a few taps on your device using the Internet.

Service Options

Service Options area provides information about various carrier service options. On the left side of the Service Options area there is a column that consists of check boxes regarding the shipping service options you require. Upon highlighting the service option, you will see the entries required for additional information on the right.

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One of the service options is declared value where you enter US dollars in the amount field and select a coverage type (carrier protected or not insured). E-mail notifications is another option which is a combination of shipment notification and delivery notification. You enter your email address and the recipient’s and then get e-mails regarding shipment and package.

You also have an option to choose signature choice in the service options checklist. You can choose an option to not collect a signature, collect in-person signature or signed door tag where the driver can get a signature from anyone at the destination, collect in-person signature from the recipient address where the driver will have to get a signature from the recipient only at the destination, or collect adult signature where the driver will have to get a signature from someone who is 21 or older.

Dry ice option allows you to enter the weight of dry ice that you need in the shipment and specify if you need it for medical purposes. A dry ice notation on the shipping label will be printed to notify that your package consists of dry ice.

Shipment Information

On the ‘process a package’ page you are required to provide some information regarding your shipment. The first category that you need to answer is regarding the description of goods where you write a brief description about the goods you want to get delivered.

The next category is ship date where you enter the date you want the package to be picked on from your address. Then deliver by category is where you enter the date and the time you want the package to be delivered by. You then enter your preferred carrier and billing information including your address, recipient’s address, and contact details of both the parties.


iShip has a very efficient delivery system where they make sure to take care of all the needs of their customers. They give you the option to choose the package pick up date as well as the package delivery date and time so that the recipient can be available at that moment and does not miss the package.

iship track it

With track it and iShip delivery you can also choose whether you want the person delivering your package to get a sign from the recipient or not to ensure the safety of your package. You can also choose that the person who signs it is an adult (21+) or not. iShip tries to facilitate their customers in all possible ways by making their policies and package delivery flexible for their customers.

To track your package, you need to confirm the delivery date and time and you also must provide all the billing information. You can use your carrier tracking number also known as shipping ID that you would have received at the time of billing once you booked your parcel along with your billing information and payment details.

iShip Track it

The tracking information consists of status of your parcel (delivered or in process), delivered the parcel to (recipient’s name), delivery date of the parcel, delivery location of the parcel (recipient’s address), name of the person who signed the package at the time of receiving it, name of the carrier and service that you chose, and the carrier’s tracking number.

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All the above information is available at just one click at iship.trackit that will put you at peace as you will know when your package will be delivered.

iShip order Status

Using the same tracking number that you got at the time of billing you can also check your order status. The order status consists of the entire history of your package. It consists of the date and time along with the location of your package.

You can get to see where your package is at that moment so that you do not have to worry about it being misplaced. It gives you total transparency and control over the entire delivery system without worrying about your package.

Contact Support

To get in touch with iShip’s team, you can contact them on various numbers. Following are the contact details of iShip that you can use to contact them:

Address of headquarters

iShip, Inc.
3545 Factoria Boulevard SE
Suite 100
Bellevue, WA 98006
Sales: 877-994-7447

To contact the carriers for the status of your package

1-800-CALL-DHL (1-800-225-5345)
1-800-PICK-UPS (1-800-742-5877)
1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777)