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JCEX Logistics

In the year 2000, JCEX International Logistics Company Ltd. was founded. It is a global logistics firm that specializes in worldwide express, global shipment transfer, cross-border custom clearing, cross-border transportation, and cross-border distributing.

For worldwide clients, they are dedicated to offering bespoke, multi-port, multiple-trunk cross-border logistical solutions. It has more than 30 offices, over 50 company locations, and serve areas in more than 200 nations and regions.

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It is a full-fledged 4A class global logistics provider that was recognized in 2016 as a national high-tech and new enterprise for technology. Alibaba rookie networking worldwide logistics provider are Amazon FBA official recommended logistics provider.

JCEX has been launching the first international collaboration since 2008. Through various forms of cooperation, it has conducted business with Southeast Asia,  Australia, South Asia, Africa, and Europe, and has taken the China Express name JCEX overseas.

JCEX shipping will strive to get better its international collaboration and find reliable strategic partnerships thanks to China’s calm atmosphere for the growth of the logistics sector and China’s large potential marketplace for logistics needs.

Simultaneously, JCEX will vigorously grow China’s local franchises, broaden the extent of its operations in China, and build a future with international and domestic co-authors.

JCEX Package Tracking

When clients are seeking for a shipping business to dispatch or transport their items, tracking is mostly the critical factors to consider. It is due to the fact that the tracking service relieves customers of stress about their deliveries and provides them with detailed information. Clients can use JCEX tracking to get an estimated arrival time and date so that users can make the necessary adjustments to receive their product.

Jcex Tracking

To track your order online enter JCEX tracking number and follow your shipment. Customers can also be notified in advance if their delivery is delayed, allowing them to plan accordingly. It provides customers with a sense of security.

Contact Details

Further are the Contact details of JCEX Headquarters.

National Sales Hotline: 400-889-1083

National Customer Service Hotline: 400-887-1083

JCEX Contact number: 0086-571-86436777

Fax: 0086-571-86989859

Email for Track and Trace: [email protected]

Address: 28 Jiuhe Road,Jianggan District,Hangzhou,China