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About JRS Express

These days, delivery services are gaining much needed hype they deserve. This is because they provide consumers with the convenience they need and deliver the products needed right on their doorstep. Another company which is known for its express-delivery particularly in the Philippines is the JRS Express. This company not only provides delivery services, but also provides logistic services to the customers through a network of 450 branches, which makes them the largest express delivery service providers in Philippines.

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One of the main reasons that makes JRS unique from other delivery services is their top-class service in courier services, logistics and even supply-chain solutions. Through their great services in the field of delivery they also foster nation-building, thus always ensuring that people order through JRS Express.

JRS Tracking

When someone orders for a parcel, as soon as the order is made, the curiosity kicks in of when will I actually receive my order and questions like what the estimated delivery time and date is, what is my current order status, how can I know the complete delivery details. Well, to answer questions like these and many more, there are tracking services. JRS tracking service too fulfills the same purpose and makes the job easier for the customers.

jrs tracking

But the major question is how to track through JRS? Well, we have got you covered with that. Firstly, you need to open the website for JRS Express where there is a tab for tracking shipment. Once you find that tab on the home page, you will be required to enter your OR number, along with the BC, which will be at least 3 characters long. When you are done entering the OR number and BC, you can enter track to track your order.

In this manner, JRS Express tracking ensures that the people always have all the updated information right on their fingertips, making the whole delivery process much smoother.

JRS contact number

In case of any query, you can contact the following numbers

02-8631-7351 to 56

02-8631-7357 (FAX)


No. 19 Brixton Street, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Metro Manila