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Overview of J.W. Logistics

J.W. Logistics provides transportation and logistics for customers all over the Unites States of America. They understand that each business that they serve has unique requirements due to the market in which they offer their products therefore, they make tailored solutions to meet specific needs of their clients.

Through their several years of experience, they have developed customized transport solutions to enhance business strategies of the customer and to facilitate them.

J.W. Logistics provides same-day services which also includes dedicated fleets such as cargo vans, straight trucks, and tractor trailers. They provide distribution from door-to-door for all types of clients, local or international. Moreover, their facilities are available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

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Furthermore, by using cutting edge technology they have become pioneers in efficiency, optimization, and communication. They have designed a system that provides time efficient transportation making it easy for clients to focus on their business strategy while reducing costs of shipment.


J.W. Logistics aims to become the finest business service company that focuses on transportation and logistics solution and improving their services through technology. They also aim to provide safety, compliance, and sustainability by supporting their clients.


J.W. Logistics provides a wide range of services. Scheduled distribution services include scheduled deliveries along with door-to-door deliveries hat may require some handling, routing, or sorting of items before they are delivered to their locations. The distribution solution can expand or contract depending on clients’ needs.

A unique home delivery solution that J.W. Logistics provides is home delivery solution that are customized to meet specific requirements. They transport various consumer products that include appliances, cabinets, furniture, and electronics that can be delivered directly to the customer’s destination.

They provide high quality and convenience for businesses’ customers along with order status updates that can be tracked in real time. J.W. Logistics ensures that their drivers are trained, professionals, uniformed, as well as certified so that they can perform their duties diligently with little to no margin of error.

J.W. Logistics transportation management is designed carefully for clients that want to reduce their transportation expenses and enhance the services that they are providing to their customers. No matter what the mode or method of transportation is, J.W. logistics is a single point of contact for those needs allowing the client to focus entirely on their business.

jw logistics tracking

J.W. Logistics is determined in getting the products delivered to the clients’ customers’ safely and timely so that they do not have to wait to get the products delivered to them. To ensure the safety and consistency of the delivery process, J.W. Logistics’ team carry out an extensive prescreen and onboarding so that the clients do not have to face any issue. To offer to a client’s various demands, the vehicles can be customized accordingly. J.W. Logistics can provide dry van, flatbed, box truck, cargo van, refrigerator, and power.

J.W. Logistics Delivery

To facilitate the urgent demands of customers, J.W. Logistics provides same day delivery to the customers of their clients so that they do not have to wait unnecessarily. They provide dedicated fleets of vehicles that includes cargo van, straight trucks, and tractor trailers to meet the delivery demands of their clients.

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Moreover, they offer door to door delivery of products to customers not only locally but also internationally. They provide delivery services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days in a year to always facilitate their clients.

J.W. Logistics tracking

If your customer needs to know the day and the time their product will be delivered to them, then they can use the reference number they might have received while placing their order to track it. In this way, the customer will not have to unnecessarily wait for their package and can be available whenever it will be delivered to them.

J.W. logistics Order Status

J.W. Logistics reference number can not only be used on their website to track your order, but it can also be used to check your order status along with the order history. This facility provides you with the information about where in the delivery process the customer’s package is in. It could be anywhere from warehouse, in transit, or about to be delivered.

All the above-mentioned details can easily be accessed. The facility of checking order status keeps the customers worry free as they can check at what time their package was at what stage. They can also get to know the current location of the product. This also provides transparency to the customers as they feel in control over the entire delivery process in this way. You will have peace of mind as you will know where your product is and that it is not lost anywhere in the delivery process.

Shipment Monitoring

To ensure that the clients products arrive safely and on time, J.W. Logistics provide real time monitoring facilities. At all times they keep an eye on the status of the products of their client so that they can ensure timely delivery. In this way, they can also get to know if the package is being delayed and the customer will be informed about it. The monitoring is for 24 hours and 365 days so, not a single minute goes by where your package is not being monitored to make you feel at peace.

Customer Support

There are multiple ways to get in touch with the team of J.W. Logistics and get your queries answered or message delivered. One way to contact their team is by entering your name, email, and type of service on their ‘contact us’ page and writing a message. As the team of J.W. Logistics is quite responsive, you will receive a response within a few hours without have to wait for long.

Another way to contact the team of J.W. Logistics is through the following address and phone number:

3801 Parkwood Boulevard
Suite 500
Frisco, TX  75034

(855) 598 – 7267