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Overview of KTMD

KTMD started providing services to customers back in the year 1984. It is one of the most well known distribution services all over Malaysia. As of today, KTMD has more than 4000 satisfied customer base. As it keeps on expanding, it also expands its fleet of vehicles involved in the delivery process.

KTMD provides multiple services to customers. To prevent the customers from the hassle of going to the office of KTMD to send and collect their parcels, KTMD provides door to door services where parcels are collected from the door of the sender and delivered to the door of the recipient.

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Moreover, it provides courier services of perishable items such as fresh flowers. It can transport goods of any size or shape. It is also known for transporting vehicles such as motorcycles. Furthermore, it is also working on special projects to meet the ever changing and varying needs of customers.

Vision of KTMD is simple but define its entire business. They want to connect people as well as businesses in a way that through their services customers’ tomorrow can be turned better.

Their mission is to get most out of their partners by including them in every decision, working, as well as planning. They make sure that their partners are in loop at all times and are catered. Another mission of the company is to provide the best possible service to customers no matter what it takes to achieve.

KTMD Tracking

In order for customers to trust the shipment company they are choosing for their parcel delivery, customers require tracking services through which they can trace their package at all times and are frequently updated.

KTMD courier tracking facility can be obtained using the KTMD tracking number. The tracking number is provided to customers at the time of booking their order along with their receipt. The receipt consists of shipping and billing details along with the tracking number. You need to enter this tracking number in the text box under the ‘track & trace’ tab and you will get multiple information regarding your package.

ktmd tracking

KTMD tracking parcel provides information such as the tentative date and time of delivery through which customers can get to know when they should expect their delivery. It prevents customers from unnecessarily waiting for their package. Customers can also make themselves available at the time of delivery to ensure that their package has been delivered to them in the right shape.

Furthermore, customers can get to know the order status through which they will know where in the delivery cycle their package is at that particular moment. Customers will also have access to information regarding the date and time at which their package was at different location from warehouse to delivery.

Lastly, customers are informed beforehand in case their order is running late. This is to keep customers away from any stress regarding their package. In this way customers do not have to worry about their order being missing and they can arrange any alternatives in case of urgency.

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KTMD Customer Service

The customer service team of KTMD is on toes at all times to facilitate customers in case they have any queries or require assistance regarding shipment of their package. KTMD contact number that is 1 800 22 5863 can be used to reach out to their team for instant response.