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Lasership Tracker

When Laser Ship, formerly known as Laser Courier, was formed in 1986 by a group of friends, the goal was to be the greatest documents delivery company in the Washington, DC metro region. Laser Courier attracted to companies with a comparable ’15-minute call-to-pick-up’ marketing, achieved by having delivery drivers carefully stationed around the city and ready for action, to stand out among its rivals in a complex and fragmented sector.

Laser Ship’s popularity would be aided by its speed and unmatched service for many decades to come. During the dot-com explosion, Laser Courier launched and started conducting business as Laser Ship to investigate last-mile shipments for this phenomenon called e-commerce. Company provides a Lasership Tracker to give facility to its customers to know about their shipment.

With a new identity and an online presence, Laser Ship moved out to recruit its first e-commerce client, Barnes & Noble, to supply last-mile book shipments in New York City. Laser Ship chose to alter gears and prioritize its development in e-commerce, even though it would continue to provide its fundamental business delivery services till today. Barnes & Noble continues to be a Laser Ship client nowadays, and the rest is history.

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Laser Ship has responded to the many developments in e-commerce and transportation to ensure that they always provide faster transit times, greater flexibility, and cheaper costs than rivals. They have evolved to be the country’s largest local last mile carrier because of this aggressive approach. Their objective is to assist clients in succeeding by safely and on-time delivery of their goods across their system. Every shipment, every day, is delivered by Lasership.

Services & Tracking Number

Laser Ship’s improved delivery network and personalized ground solutions can get you somewhere, whether you’re an online retailer looking to get products to customers as rapidly as plausible, or a physical retailer contemplating the benefits of in-store purchase fulfilment and same-day delivering. It’s a huge win for everyone.

With speedier, more consistent delivery, you can certainly fulfill your consumers’ expectations. Within your supply chain, you may save money, boost efficiency, and reduce risk. Retail, Beauty, Office Supply, Healthcare & Nutrition, and Clothing are just a few of the industries where Lasership operates.

lasership tracking

It offers custom-routed courier services and specialized logistics solutions that meets your customers’ specific needs. Healthcare, Professional Services, Office Depot, Payroll, and Wealth Management are among the industries serviced.

Also offered is a Global Critical Delivery Service. Their domestic & global solutions will ensure that your crucial shipment arrives safely and on time. This can be used by the aviation, recreational, automotive, and industrial, and technology sectors.

Lasership Tracking

The Laser Ship tracker allows you to keep track of your order. You must go to the website’s tracker page and enter your tracking information to do so. “1LS” “LX”, or “BN” will be the first letters of your tracking number. Please click “Track It!” following entering your tracking number to have the most recent status of your goods. 

LaserShip is a customer-focused firm, since certain service areas offer Saturday and Sunday delivery, which is a great benefit. You can easily monitor your package using the Notify Me Program offered by Lasership. Simply click the “Notify Me” option next to “Shipment Progress” to obtain real-time information on your order.

Lasership Customer Service Number

Laser Ship’s customer service team can be reached by calling (804) 414–2590. These are their working hours:

Monday-Friday: 7:30a.m. – 10:00p.m. EST

Saturday: 8a.m.-8p.m. EST

Sunday: 8a.m.-5p.m. EST