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Overview of Latam Cargo

In South America, one of the largest cargo airlines is Latam cargo. They are responsible for carrying shipments to, from, and through Latin America. Latam Cargo specializes in transporting pharmaceutical products.

Latam cargo takes care of all the requirements that are necessary for the pharmaceutical industry when it comes to transportation. They follow proper cold-chain workflows and procedures to transport medicines and vaccines in the right condition under the right temperature.

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Latam Cargo has a category known as Pharma Active which focuses on transporting medicines and vaccines at a particular temperature throughout the journey. The transport is made of an electric or dry ice-based container that ensures that the temperature requirement is met.

Another category of Latam cargo is Pharma Passive which focuses on transporting sensitive medicines and vaccines that require a certain temperature not only during transportation but also in the warehouses and other places where it will have to go through. They have developed warehouses and aircraft for such purposes.

Latam Cargo tracking

Latam has been known for its efficient delivery system ever since it started its services. Keeping the urgency of transportation of medicines and vaccines in mind, the Lam Cargo Tracking system, makes sure that they do not lack anywhere in the entire delivery process and has gained the trust of its customers.

If you are a customer of Latam and have placed an order for medicines and vaccines with them, Latam will make sure to facilitate you in every way possible. If the drugs you have ordered need to be maintained at a certain temperature, then Latam will make sure that your products are kept under a temperature-controlled environment everywhere and no damage is caused.

latam cargo tracking

After you have placed an order, you then start worrying about the delivery process that is when you will receive your order. To facilitate this concern of customers, Latam came up with Latam tracking. You can input your tracking ID on their website under the tab ‘E-tracking’ and you will get all the details regarding your product.

You will be able to see all the details of your order along with your billing and shipping address. Moreover, you will get to know the date and time your order went through each detail in the delivery process. You will know the time your order left the warehouse, was in the aircraft, is in transit, or is on its way to being delivered to you.

Not only that, but through Latam cargo tracking you can also get to know when your order will reach you. So, if you have an urgent matter and can not wait for the delivery, you can easily track your order and estimate how long it will take for the parcel to reach your destination.

On their website, Latam has provided a list of cities and estimated time by which your parcel will reach so that before you place your order you know the approximate time by which your order will be delivered to you or the concerned party.

Contact support

If you have a query and want to get in touch with the team of Latam cargo, you can go to their ‘contact us’ [age and write a message for them along with your personal details and someone from their team will get back to you.

There are multiple numbers and email addresses for different regions through which you can reach out to the team of Latam Cargo. Some of them are:


(+56) 600 300 5000

[email protected]


(+54) 810 333 5262

[email protected]


(+51) 141 182 00

[email protected]