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About Liberty Express  

Today, when the geographical boundaries are mostly blurred and we have a network of people all over the world, one needs to send their documents and their packages to locations outside their state, and sometimes even country.

Well, with liberty express courier services, your needs are covered. Not only can your packages be transferred to any of the 60 branches of Liberty express worldwide, but the delivery service has also proven to be extremely reliable and fast, making sure that whatever it is you’re sending, whether fragile or fully solid, reaches your customers easily.

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Alongside that, Liberty Express courier service has a track record of 17 years of being reliable handlers of packages while also consistently delivering excellent customer service, great advice, and no additional cost for the top-notch delivery service. These factors make liberty express truly one of those sites you can depend on, without any worry to deliver your goods without any crack or blot.

Another thing about Liberty express is the fact that they manage the whole delivery process personally, making them unique in their way. With more than 190 branches in a total of 16 countries, Liberty express is the answer to all your delivery questions.

Liberty Express Tracking

When depending on delivery so much, it is crucial to be able to track your orders thus to save you from and to be well-aware about the estimated delivery time. For this exact reason, liberty express tracking is a great network that makes it a lot easier to know when your order will reach you.

Firstly, you need to sign up for free to ship or shop orders, then print a shipment content list and visit any of the 190 branches to request the pick-up service. When you do this, you will be given a unique tracking code that will help you know when will your order will be delivered exactly.

liberty express tracking

To track your order, you can simply reach out to the liberty express website and click on the liberty tracking option, after which you will be required to enter your unique tracking number into the search bar to see your delivery status. This usually takes very little time and is the easier way to know where your order is.

Through the tracking option, you can access your administration panel and easily control your shipments and internet purchases, making the whole process considerably smoother and easier to perform without any hassle. It is also important to remember that in high season, the times might vary according to the total amount of cargo received thus the transit time may even exceed 3 days. This is specifically for the time between December to February, thus it is advised that your order is placed in advance.

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With so much convenience right at your fingertips, liberty express makes sure your orders reach you within no time and never fails to amaze.

Contact Details

If you want to know about your prepaid packages, contact liberty express at:

(786) 646-6388

WhatsApp: (786) 899-3246

Email: [email protected]

If you want to know about your online purchases, please contact: 0501- (2687437)

To request the Pick-Up service contact at: [email protected]