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About Line Clear

As we are all aware, slowly and gradually there are more delivery applications and websites coming on the horizon. This is because these websites are very easy to access and make it all the more convenient to send and deliver parcels. One such website that has also made its mark in the delivery industry has to be the line clear express.

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This is one of the top companies and deals with various kinds of varieties including but not limited to warehousing solutions, pick and pack, last mile delivery and even tracking. With a plethora of services and top-notch Line Clear customer service, it becomes the go-to delivery place, especially in Malaysia.

Line Clear Services

As aforementioned, there’s a variety of services being offered by Line express. These include services like sending express couriers which can be sent within a day or even sooner. Other services include providing logistics services for your businesses since line clear excels in preparing integrated customized solutions. Alongside these services, they also have the warehousing services and the pick and pack service.

line clear tracking

With the services mentioned, they ensure that in every step of your delivery process you are covered and don’t need any help. Also, what is another cool feature about line clear express is the fact that they do scanning for delivery, which is quite unique. Scan2deliver is essentially a 5-step process at the end of which one can receive their respective courier, only through a QR code.

Line Clear Tracking

Line Clear Express Tracking services have slowly become of great value in the delivery companies, and most people use them very frequently to check their respective order statuses as well as seeing the complete order details. What makes tracking services great is their accessibility and how they can be reached within seconds. Likewise, Line Clear standard shipping tracking also has their tracking service. It can be access through two ways. Firstly, it pops up on the screen when you first open the line clear website or can also be accessed simply through the track and trace window located on the website.

Once you click the track and trace tab, a window will open where you will need to enter your line clear tracking number. It is important to remember that you can also add more than one tracking number. As soon as you are done entering your respective number, press track now to track your order.

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This entire process barely takes any time but is a very easy process to know your order details and estimated delivery time. Also, with the services and tracking services provided by line clear, there is absolutely no doubt about where should one go to for the express deliveries.

Contact Information

In case of any query, you can reach out to you line clear using the following information

Phone: 016-501 5050

Fax: 03-7890 3536

Email: [email protected]