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Know about your order status by entering LinkEx tracking number and check your shipment arrival schedule.


Allow LinkEx to ease the weight off your shoulders if both you and your team are operating day and night to get orders dispatched. During these difficult times, LinkEx work hard every day to ensure that their customers’ needs are catered. You can eliminate any risks related with capacity limits and avoid unnecessary anxieties by trusting them, regardless of the issues your company or industry faces.

LinkEx is a full third logistics (3PL) firm based in Dallas, Tx, was founded in 2002. In the year 2015, Saia, Inc. bought it and merged it with another Saia acquisitions, Robart Transport, Inc., a Georgia-based 3PL.

Today, as a part of Saia, LinkEx continues to build on the capabilities of both organizations. It is a global company that provides a full range of transportation and logistical services to our clients.

LinkEx’s team of experts work hard to understand each customer’s specific requirements in order to give the finest supply chain service available. They are prepared to handle every shipping demand you may have, regardless of the situation.

LinkEx is committed to providing trustworthy ground shipment and truckload broker services.

Whether you require fast international or domestic air delivery, they have everything covered. They offer technological customization for transportation management. They ensure that your shipment is delivered quickly and on schedule via domestic and international freight.

Whether you want FCL and LCL service for export or import, LinkEx will help. LinkEx has you covered with air freight and more. They provide warehouse, cross dock, storage services, all at one place.

LinkEx’s vice president and general manager, David Miller, has 30 years of expertise. He has substantial experience in the transportation and logistics business, having held senior positions for a number of well-known organizations. He was a district sales manager for company Saia previous to his spell with third-party logistics. By establishing a more personalized feel to “doing business,” David hopes to foster long-term connections with consumers.

linkex tracking

LinkEx TMS

The LinkEx TMS program is a transportation management solution for businesses looking to improve and streamline business shipping needs by working straight with carriers. There are no middlemen or network contracts, Its only you and your carriers.

The TMS solution is appropriate for individuals that interact with or want to work with carriers immediately. It’s up to you whether to welcome new authorized carriers or to add existing approved carriers.

LinkEx Tracking

If you wish to know the estimated arrival time and date, use the Sales order number (making sure each is separated by a comma or write on separate lines) or linkex tracking number. You should have gotten your SO number just at time of payment, which you may verify.

Go to the official website and insert the order number on the homepage. This will inform you of the estimated arrival time and date of the order at your home or at the airport (whichever option you would have chosen at the time of placing your order).

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