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Have a parcel with Lululemon? Check out it’s status by entering the Lululemon Tracking number in the dialogue box given above.

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Overview of Lululemon

Lululemon came into existence in the year 1998 in Vancouver, Canada. It is a brand that entirely focuses on apparel for athletic purposes. Whether you are looking for apparel to wear for yoga, training, running, and other reasons that cause a lot of sweat, Lululemon is a one stop shop for all such products.

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Lululemon believes that yoga is one of the important things to calm the minds of people and relax the body of people. Lululemon shares its love for yoga by pushing aside its products in its stores aside every week and turning their space into a yoga studio. People can them come to their stores and get complimentary yoga classes that are led by instructors from local studios.

Lululemon tracking

Are you someone who cannot wait to get their athletic apparel from Lululemon after placing their order so that they can hit the gym or start yoga? If your answer to this question is yes, then you might want to be able to track your order after placing it with Lululemon.

lululemon tracking

Lululemon provides its customers with a tracking number as soon as they place their order with the brand. This tracking number is available to customers along with the receipt they get for their order that consists of their billing and delivery address details.

Using the Lululemon tracking number you can obtain the tentative date and time by which your order will reach you. This makes it easy for the customers as it prevents them from unnecessarily waiting for their package. It is also important for the customers to know the tentative time of delivery so that they can be available at the time their package will be delivered to them.

Moreover, Lululemon tracking also gives a heads up to its customers in case their orders are running late. In this way if the customers need the apparel urgently, they can arrange alternatives till their order from Lululemon reaches them.

Lululemon Order Status

The tracking number that you used to track your order can also be used to check your order status. Lululemon order status provides its customers with a detail order history which also tells a customer where in the delivery cycle their package is at that particular moment.

The order history tells the date and time at which the order was placed, date and time it left the warehouse, date, and time at which it was with the carrier, and date and time it reached the customers. Order history is important for customers to know as it keeps them in loop throughout the delivery of their order thus, giving them control over the entire delivery process.

It is important for the customers to know the order status and order history as it provides them with transparency and gives them a peace of mind. Customers are then able to trust brands with expensive orders as they know they can easily see the progress of their orders and that they will not go missing.

Lululemon customer service number

You can send your messages or get your queries answered via the live chat available on Lululemon’s website under the ‘contact us’ tab to get in touch with Lululemon’s customer support team. You can also use the following Lululemon customer service number and address to reach out to their team:

1818 Cornwall Avenue
Vancouver, BC
V6J 1C7

phone: 1.604.732.6124
fax: 1.604.874.6124